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Aching teeth

Can migraine cause a tooth ache?

well i have a few of them on one side that are aching?

Hi. I used to have terrible throbbing in my back upper teeth. I went to the dentist who said I had a polyps in the sinus . He insisted on taking two teeth out as he said the sinus wouldn’t clear with the teeth there. Still I had the tooth ache except now I had no teeth there. I was referred to ENT dept.who eventually did a sinus operation. Still I had these throbbing tooth pains. I was then put on nori to try and dull the pains ( which it has) .
However after reading all the symptoms of migraine I find that tooth/sinus pains are quite common . Basically I had two teeth out and an operation for nothing!
Very few doctors ( even consultants) know all the symptoms of migraine and MAV.
Best wishes

I have also had a tooth taken out and still get horrible pain there. I think it is from Migraine now. It seems like all my molars ache from time to time and the dentist can find nothing wrong!!

Yes, when I get migraine, I get several teeth aching at the same time.

Recently I have something different going on, not the dull ache from migraine, but they hurt when I bite on them, especially certain teeth, they have been checked out and no cavities, not sure whats going on.


Yes me too, Christine - I had a lot of problems with aching upper teeth on the side the migraines are - sort of sinus feeling (but all clear). Migraine can cause them but recently the neurologist tried me on Tegretol (carbamazepine). The aching teeth disappeared completely (not the migraines or the vertigo) for a whole month. Great. Any gain is a fabulous gain… :smiley: .

Tegretol (carbamazepine) is a very well trialled anti-epilepsy drug used by many people for many years at high doses etc etc. However there is a tiny risk of a very bad side effect that you should take blood tests for before and early on and stop if things are heading in the wrong direction. Most Drs are very used to managing this med safely.

I was unlucky and had to stop after major blood test fail. BUT i really recommend a supervised trial if your Dr offers as it worked so well.

good luck!


I also get jaw and sometimes tooth pain with this. I get my teeth cleaned and checked every 3 months so I know it’s not cavities! I think the jaw pain is often worse than the headaches I get.

Anne, what you went through sounds awful! I am so sorry. It is terrible how misunderstood this condition is by most doctors.

Reviving an old thread.
I have battled for a decade aching teeth, the upper back right side. Literally having spent many thousands on dental visits, crowns, root canals, CT scans, X rays and 4 dentists… none could fix nor find anything wrong other than TMJ.
Ten years of pain, then I told my dentist to start pulling from the back to the front. I had one extraction so far and happend to say something to my migraine doctor in passing. He said DO NOT have any more teeth pulled, it is probably your migraine!
He recommended an oral surgeon in the same hospital he is affiliated with. I went to see the oral surgeon and he said he is convinced it is the migraine and nothing wrong with my teeth and I do not have TMJ!!!
Now that I am aware that I have migraine, I have been paying more attention to the cycles of pain and it definitely “flares” up when I am having a crappy day. Still hard to believe that is and has been the core problem, but they are the experts!

@Naejohn oh wow, just like you I’ve spent the past 6 years dealing with teeth aches. Have had 4 root canals just to alleviate the pain but they could never find anything wrong with my teeth, not decay, cracks or anything. They sometimes said it was most likely because of my teeth grinding but could never be sure.

For the past year and some months I’ve stopped running to the dentist every time I get a tooth ache and just start ibuprofen every 6 hours in case there’s inflammation somewhere causing the pain, I do clove powder or black pepper as well and salt water

Hi Diana! Did the root canals work? That’s the crazy thing to me is they didn’t alleviate my pain, I thought at first the root canal was not done right, then it happened to another tooth and another. All have been canaled in that area and still the pain lingers. More of a heavy ache actually than a “pain”.
Such a crazy disorder we have!
I’ve never heard of doing the clove or pepper… I may give that a whirl!

Two of them still hurt, both of them had the root canal redone by different drs because they thought the first one had failed so if you count those two I’ve had 6 root canals instead of 4 …they feel sore, sometimes I can’t pin point the pain unless I tap on them (just like the dentists do) and find the ones that actually hurt

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Ditto! Almost mirror image of my decade long battle! The ones I tap on and they “hurt” have already had root canals. I hate it that you’ve had the same ache for so long but am more inclined to believe the scenario since it’s not just me!
I remember the last root canal I had, the dentist said “oh those roots are angry”. I didn’t know what that meant at the time since he said he found no reason for them to be angry.
It was my angry brain all along I suppose!

Tooth pain doesn’t always stem from the obvious. People with serious depression also experience the same problem. Helen

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