Activated Charcoal- When you cheat on the diet!

I read this blog a lot as initially i thought i have Meniere’s. SEH is Meniere’s and some of MAV is SEH but i am digressing.

Activated charcoal is an incredibly absorbent, porous material that can remove over 100 times its weight in toxins from the body. It has been used for thousands of years in both Western and Eastern medicine and is completely harmless to the body.

This person claims he used charcoal tablets bought from Amazon. One time he had a high salt meal and prevented a full blown attack by taking these tablets. Something to keep in your back pocket as i am sure everyone of us can use what little help we can when we cheat on the diet. :slight_smile:

One word of caution: Activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of other medications.


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I love that blog!! I used to read it often. The activated charcoal is interesting, would love to know the science behind it. Would it work if I ate chocolate? :yum: Thanks for posting that.

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Hi Tracy,
How are you doing right now. Are you managing fine without meds ?

Funny you ask now Vignesh, the last three days I have been off with dizziness and nausea in the mornings easing off throughout the day. I can’t really put my finger on it. It is still not enough for me to try any meds though. I am scared of them. Thank you for asking :grinning: