Acupuncture for Vestibular Migraine

I was feeling pretty hopeless a couple of months ago and want to share what worked for me in the hope that it may help others. I feel like I may have had small episodes of vestibular migraine over the years but nothing too serious. My most recent and serious onset occurred after a B12 injection. I was told that my B12 was very low and that I would need a series of injections to get it up to normal. The constant dizziness started about 4 hours after I got the injection and never went away. The doctor was baffled as to why the injection could possibly make me dizzy and I’m pretty sure that she didn’t believe me. It was really frustrating. I was afraid to walk anywhere and I felt like I was carrying a brick around inside my head. I got dizzy when I was driving my son to school which was terrifying. This went on for about 3 months. My neck and back were stiff and painful and I was exhausted all of the time. I went to an ENT and then a neurologist who finally diagnosed me with vestibular migraine. I am very sensitive to medicine so when she starting talking about the many prescriptions that were available I began to get really worried and felt hopeless. Then I started to get some pretty severe migraines and in a last ditch effort decided to give acupuncture a try. It was amazing. Within seconds my headache was gone and after two sessions, a week apart, my dizziness was gone. I missed the next week and started feeling some dizziness again but it disappeared completely after the next session and has been gone since. I am still in shock that this actually worked. I hope that offers some relief and hope to some of you out there that are suffering. Dizziness is a terrible feeling that makes living a normal life nearly impossible. I hope you all feel better soon!

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Good for you! Did you go to an accupuncturist in the uk? I have heard of a few people that have had accupuncture for this condition which helped. I have also read that people have had accupuncture and the dizziness went but then came back. I have had this for 4 years so im willing to try anything!

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I’m in the U.S. All I can say it that it can’t hurt to try! I can only hope that my dizziness doesn’t come back but at least now I know that there is a reprieve. I truly hope that you can find some relief!

That’s amazing! And also quite surprising. I wonder if it was the stress relief factor? I hope your symptoms remain banished!

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Thanks so much. I’ve now gone 2 times when I’m actually in the midst of a full blown migraine and the headache is gone within minutes of the needles going in. I was totally skeptical going in but not anymore. There is totally something real happening there!

So glad for you! Keep going!

I’m so excited to read this post about acupuncture. I’m really depressed about living with the constant MAV, and desperate for a cure. I just re-started extended release propanolol, and I already don’t like how I feel-- the drugs seem to exacerbate symptoms. I am going to look for an acupuncturist first thing tomorrow morning. You’ve given me hope.

I really hope it helps you. Remember to give it a couple of sessions. I seem to find the best dizziness relief when she works on my back. It also completely released my neck which was exceptionally stiff and painful. Good luck!

How have you been since your treatments? Are they still working?

Did not work for me, but i would try if i were you…

Well, sadly they are not helping this time around. They do help to alleviate neck pain and definitely help with the migraine itself but have not been helping with this round of dizziness. I usually feel better for a day or two afterwards but then it returns.

Neck health is super important…migraines leave you with bad neck neuralgia…a physio can give you neck exercises…as well as occipital trigger points massage also helps out

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Is this acupuncture specifically for migraine/vertigo or is it more general?

Where do they focus the needles?

I’ve heard some people don’t feel effects of it until as much as 8 sessions, am considering giving it a go.

Can you describe your syptoms a bit more? I also get the heavy head and spine feeling esp when walking.

For migraine I notice that they generally put the needles in my feet and ankle area with a few others scattered around. I once went somewhere else when there were no appointments available at my usual place and had a terrible experience with a man who did things very differently and I actually walked out with a headache that was worse than what I walked in with! Most of the time they either get rid of or really knock my migraine down a number of notches. The dizziness is different and I haven’t been get much relief for it this time around. Sometimes I’ll feel better for a day or two but it keeps coming back so It looks like I’m going to have to try some meds.