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Adding links to Posts

Adding a link takes the following steps:

  1. Visit the target Post or Topic you want to link. Below the post you will find a chain icon. Hit that and it will bring up a dialogue asking you what to do with the hyperlink. Copy that URL
  2. Navigate to the Post you want to add the link to. Hit the pencil icon below your Post.
  3. In the Composer which pops up click-drag to highlight the text you want to appear as a link.
  4. With the text still highlighted, hit the Chain tool in the Composer tool bar at the top. This brings up a small dialogue box.
  5. Paste the link you copied earlier.
  6. Hit Ok. The dialogue will disappear.
  7. Save your edit by hitting the “Save Edit” button and exit the Composer.
  8. The link is now embedded into your Post.


NB You can use rich text in the Composer. This follows an international standard called Markdown. If you edit your post again you will see how links work using a combination of square and round brackets, square for the visible text you want to make a link and round for the link itself. This allows advanced users to type them in manually.

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