Advice - again sorry!

Hi, I hope that I dont come across as negative and moany but im in the middle of a 6 week relapse and dont seem to be improving much. I increased my nort dose from 70mg to 80mg approx 4 weeks ago and then increased again to 90mg 2 weeks ago. I am feeling pretty rough at the mo and 6 weeks seems to be a long time for a relapse? I have read on here many people saying that they havd been on 2 meds or more to control their symptoms and im just wondering if i need to be on something else too?
I am under a consultant so am desparate to ask him but wonder if he will suggest i give it more time?

You don’t come across at all negative. Call Dr Surenthirans secretary tomorrow and ask for a telephone appointment or to see him again. He needs to sort this out as you was doing well before he altered your meds. All advice I can give is just be strict with your self with the eating, diet and avoiding all triggers. Relax and phone 1st thing in the morning x

Hang in there. No matter how long a relapse lasts it does eventually end. I’ve just had a relapse but was clear of attacks for 6 months which is not bad. I was steadily getting better all that time though so more than a little annoying!

Thanks for your support! Today is the first day ive felt an improvement in my symptoms but have still contacted the consultant. Onwards and upwards hopefully!

Keep soldiering on Helen