Advice for crash

Hi all, i wrote a post a few days ago which noone seems to be getting back to me on so thought i’d write a new one.

I have had a little crash,since last saturday evening. It has made me realise how far i had come recently; i hadn’t been thinking about MAV too much at all! Ofcourse i still follow the diet, but i had been rushing around going to meetings, exploring town and going to gigs for work again. It’s been great!

I’m not sure what triggered this crash, i think it could be my period, or pulled pork, or chia seeds, or simply having felt better maybe i did too much, but i have crashed.

The room is rocky again and i can tell im in a migraine because i’m sensitive to everything - lights, movement, computer etc.

How long do these crashes normally last? I just would love some positive advice for those who are at this stage with occasional crashes!

I DON’T WANT TO FEEL LIKE MY MAZ DOSE OF PIZ ISN’T WORKING! Because it has been - so well.

hi not sure if i am of much help, but i can relapse for a few days and then it takes time to settle down again, with no need to really up the dose.
Try and take it easy for the next few days?

Thanks so much Cath - this has almost been a week but i know you’re right i will be back bouncing before long! xx

sorry, was also going to suggest keeping a diary, if you dont alreadY?
I find my diary invaulable as (sadly) i score each day out of 10, so i know when are my good/bad days, and how long it takes to get over a relapse. I also find the diary keeps me going on bad days! because there is always light at the end of the tunnel (even if the tunnel is very long!!). I can also use it to refer to, to see how long it takes to get over a relapse or what may have sparked the relapse. I’d be lost without it.! It often shows me that i can take 2 steps forward,1 back, 2 steps forward etc and slowly, slowly improve.
Hope you are seeing some slight improvement.

Good idea, thanks lovely !