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Advice for private consultation (London)


Can anyone give:

  1. Recommendations for private, London-based consultants
  2. Information about what to expect from an initial consultation
  3. An indication about how much an initial consultation would cost
  4. Any other helpful advice for a relative newbie

Some background info: I’ve had recurrent, spontaneous episodes of incapacitating dizziness and vomiting for over 2 years. Initially the episodes were brief (< 24 hours) and occasional (about 6 months apart). However they’ve become much more frequent (every month or 2) and linger on/off for longer (a week or so), but are generally less violent/severe.

I saw an ENT consultant 18 months ago and a neurologist a year ago, who have both passed me back to my GP without providing any advice other than agreeing with her initial diagnosis of Vestibular Migraine. I’ve been prescribed Buccastem, Maxalt Melt and Serc. The ENT consultant suggested that Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises might help (but didn’t seem to expect much). I’ve made lifestyle changes (regular sleep, staying hydrated, minimal caffeine and limited alcohol), but the episodes have become more frequent.

I’ve been on the waiting list for the neuro-otology clinic at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital (UCLH) for the last 2 months, but they cannot give any indication as to when I might get an appointment. So I’m considering finding a private specialist.

I saw recommendations for Dr Bamiou and Prof Bronstein on a recent post (list of doctors in London UK). As they’re both based at UCLH, it would probably make sense to one of them, or Dr Agrup (but I can’t find any private listing for her).


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Hi, and welcome. I’m miles from London so will only comment on (4) and generally.

I’m very surprised as you have had three confirmations of a Vestibular Migraine diagnosis nobody appears to have suggested you trying preventative medication to try to bring them under control. Very very surprised. I would imagine that will be your next step and the most probable outcome of any treatment plan you receive at your next consultant’s appointment. Apart from total caffeine cessation and a strict Migraine Diet that’s about it in terms of treatment on offer.

With regard to you being on a NHS waiting list already, Are you aware of the NHS 18 weeks Referral To Treatment (RTT) requirement? If you have already completed two months you must be more or less half-ways there. You may want to rethink.;jsessionid=EC93B5680DCEC97447BC36F0D7A36B5C?pContentID=4492&p_applic=CCC&pElementID=578&pMenuID=464&

Welcome, MrsPea.

I do hope your NHS appointment comes through quickly. Like you I saw ENT’s who didn’t offer much help.

Like some other people on this forum I see Dr Surenthiran. His NHS clinic is at the Medway Hospital in Gillingham but he has monthly private clinics in London. This is one:
It is in Blackheath. I’m pretty sure he also runs another London one which is more central I will link if I can remember it. You can self refer. I was asked to draft a concise history to bring or send in advance. I saw him at Tunbridge so it was slightly cheaper. I think the initial consult was just under £300 iirc. Follow ups were just over half that. I saw him once for a follow up but by then had got my difficult GP to refer me on the NHS to Medway where I saw him once in person and my 2 follow ups have been phone calls so that I don’t have to travel for a short chat.

I’m sure others on here have seen people at Queen’s Square, the search function at the top of the page will flag up those threads.

This is an old post but it eloquently explains what happens at a Dr S initial consult (my one about a year ago followed this same pattern)

Dr Surenthiran also has clinics just outside of London here:

A lot of Queen’s Square specialists run their private clinics from the private wing :

Good luck

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Helen & Sputnik2 - thanks for your suggestions. UCLH have suggested that they might not meet the 18-week requirement (as the clinic is currently running at reduced capacity). I’ll give up the cheddar & decaf tea, try for a private consultation and get back to nagging my GP if all else fails!

Thanks again, Alison