Advice from Ami users needed: nausea control

Hey guys,

I’m on 20mg at the moment. For nearly 3 months its been really keeping the nausea at bay, but this week, i’ve been slightly nauseous for several days. Has anyone upped their dose and found further relief?

Neuro was originally advising to go to 30mg, but I’ve tried to take the minimum that keeps me sane!

I’m going to try and go for a long walk today … I know that sometimes helps.



Hi James!

I haven’t personally been on ami or nort for longer term but it did help me at 10mg of nort… this is a girl I know who got cured from 30mg of nort. and zoloft combined. She said 30mg of nort was her magic dose but she took a while to get there:

I don’t know if this is useful, but thought I’d post it in case you haven’t seen it! I think ami and nort are cousins. I’m doing alright with the magnesium/B2/coQ10 combo so far…


Yes they are similar! Yes maybe I should go for it and go slightly higher, I’ve had a few small migraines and ‘brain shivers’ sneak in. Like you I’m wary of meds but it’s still night and day compared to how I was without them.