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advice needed

Over the past 5 months I have been increasing my doses for Amitriptyline each month. Currently on 40mg (stayed on 30mg for 2 months as I went on holiday) and yet still no improvement. Although it takes a little bit of the migraines away I’m suffering greater now with vertigo; I take cyclizine tablets for my nausea and dizziness however it only stops it for a while and I can only take three tablets throughout the day.

If anyone has advice on how to deal with vertigo symptoms I’d be ever so gracious. As it is affecting my abilities at uni.

How long u have been on dose 40 ?

If not long time, maybe u need to stay longer to see the effect. Or you may up the dose

Some people need higher doses to see the effects. I learnt this from other ppl advices in this forum :heart:

The best way to deal with vertigo symptoms is to do something that will stop them. They are very disruptive for anybody and indicative of a problem with the vestibular system. They certainly aren’t going to be helpful to a uni student. I assume you have been given a MAV or VM diagnosis as you are taking Amitriptyline. You may find you need to reach a much higher dose to achieve some control over your symptoms or even switch to another alternative preventative but you need to discuss this with your doctor. Meantime you need to try to establish your triggers and a way to reduce them and make sure you are complying with the suggested lifestyle changes fuller details of which you will find in the Wiki Section on this site. Look also at a Migraine Diet. That may help.

There are no doctors on here. Just other sufferers but I would just mention. I found cyclizine actually made me dizzy so it might be worth asking your doctor if you could try another sickness remedy such as prochlorperazine (Buccastem) in its place. Again the amount you can take is limited. Alternatively You could just try not taking the cyclizine for a day or so and see how much difference it makes to you. Try ginger For the sickness instead maybe or some other herbal remedy.

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Hi Coco
I have been battling for 3+ yrs with headaches, head and face pressure and dizziness/disequilibrium. What is working for me is a combo treatment plan - beta blocker Propanolol 160mg extended release is tackling the headaches, head and face pressure and an SNRI drug Venlafaxine extended release has dramatically reduced the dizziness (started Venlafaxine at 12.5mg and titrated up to 150mg). You might just need to increase the Ami and see if it starts to address the dizziness - plenty of folks on here have had success with Ami tackling both headache and dizziness - it was the first drug I tried but I had to quit it as it was increasing my heart rate too much.

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