Advice on changing from Nori to Wellbutrin

Sooo, I was hoping I could get some advice from you guys.

Currently I’m on 15 mg Citalopram and 60 mg of Nori. Well, I got the script for Wellbutrin and just picked it up last night. I believe it’s for 150 mg. My doctor told me to split it in half, which would mean 75mg. He said I could just take the Wellbutrin, half it, stay on that, I guess for a week? And then get off Nori. Like altogether. That sounds like that wouldn’t go so well for me. I thought you’re suppose to titrate these things down slowly? He hasn’t been a very conservative doctor and that’s why I want to see another doctor. But I can just call him and get scrips sometimes. Do you guys have any advice on how I should do this?

BTW - The reason I decided to get off Nori is that I’m already on 60 mg and don’t see big enough a change. It has helped, but minimal. I’m maybe 10-15% better. I still have another 85-90% to go. And because it’s not working all that well, the 20 lb+ weight gain and sexual side effects are not worth it. I’m going to try Wellbutrin because it’s suppose to not have weight gain or sexual side effects. Additionally, I’ve been told Wellby goes good with Citalopram.


Also, Welby comes in an extended version, so you might want to talk to a doctor and/or pharmacist about that dosing…just FYI :slight_smile:

Oh, I think that’s the XL huh? I have the SR version. Do you think the XL is better?

I think SR is sustained release…I tried looking it up for you last night, but got a little confused about the different types of “release”. Are you going to try it or wait to get the name brand? I know you got the generic…

No, I’ve read too many horrible things about the generic. The pharmaceutical companies make me so frickin’ mad. Basically, it should be off the market. There is a report by Consumer Lab that shows the time release is not released correctly but a pretty significant difference (34% within two hours with generic and 8% within 2 hours for Wellbutrin) and makes people sick. Not only that, the generic doesn’t work. Rarely, it does work for some people I guess. But for the most part, it seems like everyone has problems with it. They are trying to have the FDA ban it.

So basically this is what is going on. I got the generic, so they won’t allow my insurance to help with the Wellbutrin since I just got the generic. The thing is, they don’t care about my well being, it’s about money. I am aloud to get the Wellbutrin, but out of pocket and it’s about $250 dollars. For one script.

When is the “health” system going to be for its people, and not for money. It just makes me really sad that it’s like that.

It’s kind of good though anyways because I shouldn’t be changing meds while I’m in school. I always feel every single side effect.

Thanks Kelley for being so helpful!