Advice on next steps

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I started sandomigran .50mgs in the evening 3 weeks ago. Apart from side effects things were great. No vertigo for 2 wks. Twice per weeks is my usual. Last week i also started on a supplement called migrane care. I am ment to take this twice a day but am currently just taking it once.

This past week the vertigo is back, once on monday and once on friday. Im very symptomatic with headaches and constant movement.

Questions. Could the vitamins be causing the migranes ? Or just a coincidence?

Should i up my sandomigran? Start taking more of the vitamins ?

Change nothing and give it a bit longer ?

Im lost !

I am also on Sandomigran (Pizotifen) 0.5 mg at night. I checked the ingredients of Migraine Care and it contains feverfew. I once had a very bad reaction when I drank feverfew tea and I have not touched it since.

I am not a medical doctor, so I can’t advice you on what to do. However, if I was you, I would stop taking the Migraine Care, but continue with the Sandomigran. If your vertigo symptoms continue, I would make an appointment with your neurologist.


Yeh thats been my thoughts. I think i will stop the migrane care for a week and see how it goes. My neurologist wasnt too fussed on the vitamins. He just said i could try them as see how it goes. Thankyou !


Agree. I was on sandomigran - the usual therapeutic dose is 1.5mg. You have room to move up. I would stop the migran care and see how you go

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So far its been three days since i stopped the migrane care and i feel better. I still have headaches everyday so im thinking i should up sandomigran. Im concerned about the side effects so im hesitant to increase. Such a frustrating process!

Yes, it is very frustrating!

It is good that you are feeling better, I would probably wait for another week or so to see whether the headaches get better. If not, it might be worthwhile to talk with your neurologist about increasing your Sandomigran dosage.

Your current dosage is very low. Many people are on 1.5 mg, some take 4.5 mg. When I had a major vestibular migraine attack last year I spent four days in hospital and the neurologist started me at 2.0 mg. I subsequently reduced the dosage and I am now on 0.5 mg. For me, the main side effects were fatigue, low mood and a massive appetite. I could easily have put on a lot of weight, but I controlled what I ate, so I only put on one kilogram. And I am very slim, so one kilogram was good for me.

For me, the benefit I gained by taking Sandomigran outweighed the side effects. I normally don’t take medication, not even paracetamol, but I felt that taking Sandmigran was worth it.

My neurologist told me to increase the dose if i didnt feel better after a few weeks of being on it. Im very tired on it and felt really angry and agitated for the first week but that has settled. I havnt gained weight so far but yeh i could easily sit around and eat all day.
The vertigo is impacting my life alot so i think side effects are worth it in the end.

I agree. And once your symptoms are under control and you have been stable for a while, you can start reducing your dosage, and the side effects will go away.

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