Advice please regarding health honchos

Hi everyone

I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and am often looking up healthy diet and yoga type websites. Recently i came across a ‘health honcho’ named Aaron Davis who has a Facebook group promoting alternative and holistic health.
I decided to randomly ask him about my migraine condition and i got an instant response followed by some inbox private messages.
He was very friendly and suggested that my migraine diet was just a way for David Buccholz to sell books and that he felt i could very probably be gluten intolerant/celiac. He said that migraines can be a symptom of this (actually i have many symptoms of gluten problems since looking on Google including IBS, mouth ulcers, tiredness, achey joints, funny skin on my upper arms and numbness of my extremities at times) He said that he doubts my doctor will be very interested in testing me for gluten intolerance because he would have done it already. He suggested a consultation with himself if i got nowhere with my own doctors and to have a gluten test. (a top of the range one) He was not pushy in any way though, just friendly.
He also said that if i did test positive to gluten intolerance he wouldn’t just want to treat that but he would want to find out why i became gluten intolerant in the first place etc, he would want to delve deeper and create a whole body wellness.

I am a pretty naive person even if i admit it myself (i have been sold all sorts of crap in the past) but i was happy that i may have found a health professional to listen and test me for things until i realised he is friends with the Doctor Mark Hyman MD who I found on here under the searches and didn’t like what i read.

Anyway i doubt i could afford a consultation with some honcho in New York even if i wanted to but i wondered if there is some truth in the gluten thing? Is there always a reason why we have these migraine conditions? Is my chronic dizziness and headaches triggered by my body being out of kilter somewhere else? This worries me a lot.

I have gone gluten free before but only kept it up for a fortnight or so and can’t say i felt much different, though i know it would probably have to be longer to see effects.

Advise please!!!??? Should i get gluten tested or just accept migraine?

Hi Dizzeedee,
I’m gluten intolerant. A coeliac is allergic to gluten rather than intolerant. If you had this the symptoms would be very bad. You’d have severe gastric problems, diarrhoea etc. weight loss, anaemia.

However, I do think that there could be some truth in the intolerance thing? There are some pharmacies that do a skin test for it nowadays, if not, your GP can send you. I’m guessing you’re from The US so, sorry I’m not sure about the situation there. There are some really good gluten free products out there in the supermarkets. You need to avoid oats, rye and barley too. It’s not hard, just eat mainly fresh produce. Do you have gastric symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain?

I have read that the body cannot heal itself while tackling an intolerance. However, the medical profession are loath to treat the person holistically and see this sort of thing as quackery! Which leaves us in a state of confusion, which enables the bad guys to con us!

Bev :wink:

Hi Bev

Thanks for the reply. I do not seem to have anaemia like symptoms but i do get tired a lot (maybe 4 kids does not help!)
I do however have lots of stomach issues, I was told I have IBS and I suffer the diarrhoea side of things. I am very regular and often go more than once a day along with bloating and sometimes very severe cramps that have me doubled over or bedridden. I take ibuprofen and drink peppermint tea which both help but it just flares up every known again and I can’t figure out why.
I do seem worse after large amounts of bread, esp freshly cooked but i know a lot of people get bloat from bread so i am not sure.
I also sometimes pass mucous and my gut symptoms are far worse at the time of the month too.

perhaps i should try gluten free for a month or two and see if i feel any different?