After images going crazy!

I am just curious how people treated or coped with their after images, mine are severe now and its making daily chores extremely difficult. Although im starting to get some good results from verap, the after images is only getting worse anyone else e perks fed this? Thanks

Been there, done that. Honestly, forcing myself to flow with them and not fight against them helped, if that makes any sense. It at least made me mentally a lot less stressed, which I think in turn probably helps dial the migraine symptoms down a little. When they are really bad, I make sure to move a lot slower throughout my daily routines, as for me that shortens the length of the “tails” and helps me see better. I also make sure to reduce any and all triggers I have control over. They are definitely annoying. I hope you can get a handle on them!

Do you have other visual problems? I have a bunch, 24/7. I tried Topamax for a year and just started on Depakote. No luck yet…

I take a Butterbur/Feverfew cap from Now Foods. Helps with visual issues. Also, valium sometimes helps too, not sure how/why. Def helps the dizzy/unbalanced feelings. Plus, I agree with Dizzyforlife; try not to stress on them, it really makes a difference.

Good luck!


Thanks guys, im going to ask my spec on fri whether i can try feverfew aswell as my med. so what is the after images? Is it a migraine aura or is it caused from the vestibular system being disturbed? I usually dont worry about it but that particular day it was insane i couldnt get away from it. Is this a symptom that gets reined in with the migraine meds? Im still trying to figure this whole mav thing out. :slight_smile: x

Oh and yes my visual problems are floaters, squiggly lines, black dots in the blue sky, everything in my vision flickers, blurry especially when looking at patterns. Sometimes double vision.

my vision is bad. I get flare, glare and blurred vision. My eyes can’t look at things in the distance for too long, they jump off the target

Becky, I have all the same problems. Not really MAV, but perhaps a migraine equivalent. PM for more info, I know too much about this subject…

I also invite you to join our Facebook page where others with the same symptoms congregate. You can learn a lot on that page in just a few minutes… … p_activity

Thanks :). What’s the fb page called it won’t allow me to view it because im
Not part of the group?

There seem to be a lot of causes, some migraine related, and some unrelated that seem to be worse in us. The first time I got the after images was due to a drug side effect, and now I get it when migraines get bad too. I may have had it before and didn’t pay attention until it got so much worse, or it was just one of those changes that happens sometimes.

I WILL say that I would make SURE your eyes are okay first (checked by an ophthalmologist and NOT just an optometrist) before attributing it to migraine, since some serious eye conditions do exist with similar symptoms and we are not immune to those.

The group is just called Visual Snow. It has 1,079 members at the moment if that helps you find it. It is a closed group, but they will accept you.

My after images are constant, not just during “migraines”. Most of us on the FB page have these visuals constantly. Doctors usually say it is a form of migraine, or more exact, Persistent Migraine without Infarction, or just PMA (Persistent Migraine Aura).

As suggested, seeing an eye doctor won’t hurt, but I can tell you now it is all neurological. No one with these problems gets helps from eye doctors. I saw 3 myself. Hopefully the Facebook community with bring you a little comfort, knowing that you are not alone.

Hope that helps, feel free to contact me with any worries or questions.