Age of onset for MAV

Hi All,

Following on from Lisa’s post, I thought I’d try this poll function to see if it works out. This should give us a nice graphical view of when this nightmare typically strikes.


About 18-20. Tough choice, but I picked 20 as that was my age during the “big crash”.

An interesting result so far! It’s almost a perfect bell-curve. The 30s is looking like the time it hits most frequently so far. S

Why dont we do one for when the damn thing leaves!?

Time of MAV resolution?


Diagnosed Feb 2008 with MAV
Started Topamax May 7th 2008
September 2008 - vast improvement finally, after 8 months of 24/7 suffering
October 2008 - RESOLUTION 90-95%

Rich - Age 33

First migraine around age 15. Visual aura with scintillating scotoma and generally feeling spaced out and horrible but no headache. These migraines always followed the exact same course (and happened around four times a year). Self diagnosed triggers/correlations of flickering lights, very bright sun/hot day and changes in barometric pressure (storms brewing), more likely when coupled with fatigue.

First big MAV crash either aged 31 (but could have been virus with optic neuritis) or 34. Each time lasted for around 2-3 months with main symptoms hideous vertigo, head fog, sensory weirdness and at its worst - all over so horrendously ill couldn’t function and house bound. Happy days indeed!