Aimovig and Trokendi together

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I am new here!
I developed vestibular migraine in January of this year, it was very bad in the beginning. 8-10 hour severe vertigo and dizziness every 3rd day for the first 3 months, it took another month and a half for my ENT and neurologist to determine if this was indeed the VM. They initially suspected this to be Meniere due to high-frequency hearing loss. After the diagnosis, I was put on 100mg Trokendi along with MV supplements ( mg, b2, q10), trokendi was later increased to 200MG after one another VM episode. This really helped with the VM symptoms. I was VM free all summers thinking that I am all fine. With the first rain of late summer on Aug 23rd, I again got dizzy, I am still trying to recover from this ( Fullness of ears, fatigue, are my main issues). My Neurologist prescribed 140 mg Aimovig and yesterday I took 1st shot of it.

She wants me to continue with trokendi along with amovig. Has anyone taking both of these together? also, the constant fullness of ears is my biggest VM symptom, is there anything else that could be done to get some relief?

200mg tokirendi is great that you tolerated. Go with what your neuro says. See no reason they cant be done together

Neurologist I saw uses topiramate (Trokendi) as first choice for MAV. it’s good for those that tolerate it. Shouldn’t worry about the two together. If the neuro told you it will be fine. The ear ‘fullness’ is common with MAV. Once the preventatives really get going they should get that under control. Just try and be patient while you wait. You are trialling two different and powerful drugs. I wouldn’t think you need to do anything else for the moment. Helen

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Quick update: Trokendi and Aimovig are working well for migraine and dizziness. With not much side effects. However, now I have developed more continuous tinnitus also my ears are still full as before the medication.

Pleased to hear you are tolerating the drugs so far and they may have even started working. That is great news. Oral Preventatives can take months to give their maximum effectiveness. I know nothing about injectables really so cannot comment. However preventatives aren’t a true cure, they just control symptoms and doctors don’t expect them to control all symptoms 100%. The success rate is set at a 50% reduction in frequency, severity and duration although many people do achieve better than that eventually. Tinnitus does tend to be a prevailing symptom. As you have only just started you should expect symptoms to continue to fluctuate which of course makes it more difficult to notice true side effects. Unfortunately that is just the way it goes with MAV.

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Thanks, I am on Trokendi for about 6 months now, aimovig is the one I started earlier this month

As that is the case perhaps you need to seek out some more info on Aimovig then. As it’s so new doubt there is that much around but worth a try. I’m sure I’ve read it takes up to three months before you can establish if it is helping. Ask the medics. It’s hard to even guess why the ear pressure is worse. If your ear pressure is same as mine it feels exactly the same as the rear head pressure which the neurologist assured me very recently is The Migraine Headache then that proves the headaches are still there keeping the dizziness cycle going. My ear pressure was one of the last symptoms to leave, but did quit being 24/7 some time before the rear head pressure. It returns much less often too.