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Air mattress issues?

Thanks for all the support lately. It has been hellish but I have been getting so much help here.

So… Latest issue: I finally made it to NYC (mostly my hometown) but it took A LOT of stops and walks and crazy sh*t to get here in 6 hours (2.5 HR drive.)

So we’re in our place and the ACs aren’t in the windows yet so we need to sleep on air mattresses in the front of the one big AC. I fear that I will lose the minor progress I have made.

Anyone have issues with air mattresses? It feels a little like a boat and boats are baaaaad for me. (I’ve been diagnosed once with mdds which is a migraine variant from being on a boat.)

I certainly had issues with them. I wouldn’t let him buy one because there was no way I was going to lie down on it. Depends on each individual’s sensitivities but I only needed to imagine mine to make that decision. I can’t do memory foam shoes so a mattress that wobbles no way.

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Realized about 5 mins after lying down and 2 minutes after writing this post that it could be a disaster. In fact it’s what may have triggered this recent flare up: I slept on one for an entire weekend in May (I thought it was the solo elevator trip.) Dragged a real mattress out. Slept great. New Theraspecs also on now!

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Ah…. Triggers, triggers triggers….

However much you try to be clever and keep on top of them they always manage to surprise. If you were of a paranoid frame of mind you could come to imagine there’s some sort of conspiracy going on behind your back.

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