Alcohol and Amitriptyline?

I started with Vestibular Migraines 7 months ago and have not had any alcohol in that time, and started taking Amitriptyline 1 month ago. It seems to be working as my symptoms are less severe.
I am starting to wonder if I will be taking Amitriptyline for the rest of my life, so am wondering if I’ll be able to drink alcohol while taking it? It’d be 1/2 drinks per month, as I used to do.

Has anyone had advice from the doctor / health care professional about this?

I’ve drunk in moderation whilst on Ami, but have paid for it the following day a couple of times. At low doses it’s not a dangerous mix, afaik. Max two drinks in one evening should be ok. Drink lots or water. What dose are you on/aiming for?

One upside of this discipline is you probably have fewer migraines now than you used to have hangovers :smile:

That’s good to know, thanks. I’m talking 30mg at the moment, going up to 40mg on Tuesday, then 50mg on Saturday. I never used to drink much alcohol, it’d just be nice to have the option!

That’s interesting. I’m on 20mg still but may increase it: I get the occasional small migraine sneaking through and some motion intolerance and nausea some days. 20mg worked well for 3 months though.

I was well for 2 years on Amitriptyline (50mg). I drank occasionally, and didn’t have any troubles at all. Recently though, after a sinus infection, the beast has come back. Hoping that it will go after an increase in dose over a few weeks. I’m personally not a big drinker though. Best of luck.