Alcohol and hangovers + MAV/Nort/Topamax

Hi Guys n Gals,

Haven’t been around for a while, not too much has changed for me though I’m definately learning to cope better now day to day, mainly just through time having past. I’ve accepted this is here to stay for a while, and can manage it now and know what to expect. Sorry to see new people on here as invariably that means more people affected, but I hope everyone is doing as well as they can do. Good to hear from Muppo!

My post is to ask, has anyone continued drinking alcohol whilst a) suffering with this MAV crap and b) taking any of the following- nortriptyline, topamax or propranolol?

When this first hit, I didn’t drink for a long time. But as I’ve been able to cope with the symptoms better, I have felt able to get out and about more often and as a young sociable girl, alcohol plays a part in my social life. I know propranolol says not to drink, and Nort says to avoid drink or you could become drowsy… But to be honest, I have ignored this.

My questions are

  1. Am I doing myself any damage by ignoring these warnings? I know they must be there for a reason, am I being very silly?

  2. Does anyone else suffer from HORRENDOUS hangovers with any of these medications?? I have always suffered from bad hangovers, in fact even on a sober day with MAV, I feel hungover ;-), but last night I had 2 glasses of wine and 2 pints, and I am so hungover today it is unreal.

Cheers guys,

Lou x

I’d be feeling like hell after 2 pints and glasses of wine :shock: Now, granted I only drink maybe once or twice a month, and it is usually a beer or two–never more than two beers at one sitting. I’d be a mess for a couple days! I stay far away from wine–it is a 100% trigger for me.

I’m on 150mg Topamax and just got to this dose a week ago. I was at 100mg since August of last year, and started going up to 150mg two weeks ago. I’m still trying to settle out at this dose, so have been a bit rocky and dizzy the past couple weeks. I’m not really in a good space now, so I would not drink alcohol at the moment.

You may have a greater tolerance for alcohol in general than I do, but I do know that Topamax does lower your overal tolerance for alcohol, so it would make sense that you feel the effects in a greater way. These are some powerful meds!

Glad to hear you are doing well, and “functioning.” I am hit or miss with alcohol. Before the holidays in december, I had drank on several occasions, and had a fair amount of beverages. My hang-over would be worse, only in that I felt more off balance and had some of the sense of motion come back. I would get nervous everytime thinking I over did it. My husband kept reminding me that it was just a hangover! I would recover just fine. The holidays hit and I finished a semester at school, and the stress let down affected me more than anything else. Since then, I have slowly added alcohol back into my life, as I am a social drinker, and really enjoy good beer. I will continue to partake while on medication because if I feel good enough to have a drink or two, then I deserve it and so do you! We have been through hell with MAV, and we deal with it on a daily basis, why not atleast do things we enjoy. I believe that everything is okay in moderation. I definitely wouldn’t drink to the point of oblivion, but a few drinks while out shouldn’t be too bad. I even asked my doc if it was okay being on the ami, and he said yes (just not in excess). There are tons of people out ther on the medicines for various reasons, and I am sure that many of them drink as well.

Hi, I still enjoy alcohol, although not a lot. On the weekends I do enjoy beer with my hubby or an occasional glass of white wine(having one right now) I cant do red, as it gives me bad headaches! I have been doing really well, pretty much %100 since being on my cocktail of medicine’s. I agree with Jen, we have been through enough and deserve this alcohol damnit :lol:

I’ve always had a low tolerance to alcohol and never understood why. In college, all my friends could get trashed and wake up fine. Me? No way! I can drink a glass of champagne and be so hung over and sick.

I think it’s definitely the way my MAV brain is wired and the thought of drinking any alcohol makes me sick, although i do miss those good times!

I’d stay safe and listen to the labels- it’s all about your liver metabolizing everything.

I have to agree with Salem. Not to sound like an old fuddy dud but I’d be careful! You don’t want to cause any more problems. I think that one (MAYBE two) drinks on occasion would be okay but I would not ever overdo it. I like to have a glass of wine here and there as well and sometimes I do. However, I pay dearly. You could always call the pharmacist and ask if it’s okay to have alcohol with your meds. I always ask that question when I start a new med.

Good luck!!

Idk if your causing any damaging. Someone I work with has a dad that is a Dr who says don’t worry about alcohol warning unless it’s a narcotic. I however have found that while taking this medicine, I btw went 10 years without a sip of alcohol straight to drinking lots of vodka could handle it very well and not have ANY hangover symptoms. My friend, the Drs son, says I’m a freak of nature to drink this much vodka and be so upbeat and normal at 7am as if I didn’t drink when they know exactly what I consumed. Especially when hearing me vomit the night before at times.