Alcohol question?

Does anybody know if drinking one glass of wine a night every night cause MAV? I have a glass of white wine or a beer with my husband every bight before dinner. It has become a habit and wonder if this small amount of alcohol every day could be contributing to my dizziness. I tried to cut back but it relaxes me and I really look forward to that time with my husband.

Hi Joli,

The only way you’ll ever really know is to stop drinking it completely for a few weeks. Alcohol – especially beer and wine – is a major trigger for some (including myself). Red wine is notorious for aggravating migraine. Occasionally I will get away with some booze but the next day usually means a headache of some sort will happen. Last night I had a glass of champagne (Australia Day celebrations) and am OK today. The clear spitits are supposed to be better for migraineurs such as vodka and gin. The mixer may also be a problem such as Copke or tonic.

Why don’t you go cold turkey for a few weeks and see if you feel any better? If you do feel better you could try introducing a mixed drink with one of the clear spirits and stay away from the beer and wine.

Scott :slight_smile:

thanks Scott, I will. Scott can I ask what med you are on now?

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Scott can I ask what med you are on now?

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Sure – low-dose Paxil (Aropax in Australia) at 2 mg daily and valium as required which ends up being about every 2 days and about 2.5 mg. :slight_smile:

Scott do you have headaches or just the dizziness i forgot? Is the Paxil doing the trick?

I just had this crazy notion that every time I worked out the toxins from the alcohol would make me feel dizzy, and so that is why I get extra dizzy on hour or so after I workout. Have I lost my mind?

Hi, I haven’t been on this web site for a long time. But I thought I would comment on your question. When i’ve had a glass of wine, I’ve gotten different reactions. Sometimes a glass won’t effect me at all, and other times I can’t even finish a glass before I’m dizzy as heck. But I have no idea why it will effect me one time and not another…just another mystery of the disease :?

Red wine is bad. Very bad.

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RED wine. Ah. I’m looking forward to that 5-puttonos tokay.

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I had posted more but I edited/deleted so I seemed less boozy. :lol:

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Wow. Alcohol might be one of my problems as well. I drink way too much. The sad thing is that the alcohol really takes the edge off. I don’t notice the dizziness when I’m drinking (LOL I realize that sounds ridiculous but it’s true), and I stop worrying so much about my problems. Looks like I’m going to have to sober up for a few weeks to see if it helps. I already gave up coffee. I was drinking a pot a day. My ENT was like, “umm…yea, you need to cut that out” LOL. No more coffee for me :frowning:

Oh well, anything to feel better again

I had my very first vertigo attack after drinking too much red wine.


I had my first true “vertigo” attack after 2 glasses of red wine as well…back in 2003. It happened twice. I never put 2 and 2 together but looking back…duh!! At that timeI took some phenergan and some meclazine and slept it off.

This is weird. I had my first vertigo attack in the gym and it went away after an hour. I was fine for 3 days. Then, I drank waaaaaaay too much on a Friday night and the next day I was really dizzy. Figured it was a hangover. That night, I was still dizzy and I started to wonder if I had alcohol poisoning, etc. I figured I was dehydrated so I drank a gallon of water and figured I would be fine in the morning. I woke up dizzy and I’ve been dizzy ever since.

Maybe alcohol did it for me too

When I have been chronically vertiginous I have found that a little bit of alcohol does seem to take the edge off, or perhaps it just masks the feeling of disequilibrium. On the other hand, my last chronic episode started the day after a night of drinking red wine and eating aged, stinky, oozing cheese. And there was a storm. Coincidence…?


I definitely feel better after a glass of wine if I’m having a bad day - it takes the edge off for me to. But white wine only - I dont do red anymore :frowning:

i used to drink back in the day and ive had dizziness for 30 years but back then it would take it away and even for the next couple of days esp during pollen season but then it would all come back. i don’t drink any more - dont dare


I find that beer at neight helps the dizzy head i have 27-7 3-4 does the trick i never thought that it could be the cause damn that will take away my few hours of relife a night lol sixdeep you drink with the valium ? I havent tried valium because of the fear of drinking on it how does it affect it ?

Wine, of any kind, will bring on migraine real bad, even when I use it in cooking, regardless of kind or color. With other alcohols I have different reactions.

Hey Jag,
Yes I have been drinking with the valium. I haven’t noticed a difference. I usually have 4 or 5 drinks at night, nothing crazy. I haven’t been shitfaced or anything yet and with the dizziness that I’m experiencing, I’m not really interested in getting so intoxicated the room spins. I have enough of that already haha!

But yea, valium is working great for my dizziness. I can’t believe how much better I feel. It’s a miracle