Alcohol recommendations?

Alcohol isn’t really good for anyone and it is certainly a trigger. However, from time to time people need a stiff drink. Any recommendations?

There is a Dizzy Cook blog that suggests white wine (chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc), light beer (Heineken), tequila, vodka and gin.

I’ve never had a problem with alcohol and wine – I normally stick with very high quality reds. I think cheap, hard liquor in excess in general is to be avoided and anything excessive obviously as well.

I’ve just never had red-wine cause dizziness – sometimes next day, headaches for sure, but never a migraine. Personal experience, do not take away generalities.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say - don’t do it … after lunch

I’m seeing an association with tinnitus and the amount I consume, including alcohol.

Just my ten cents but I believe it is possible that symptoms could be related to GERD or a GERD-like mechanism (even just stomach gases) irritating the ET.

The last thing you ought to be doing imho is over-consuming e.g. drinking with food and then lying down too soon with at least full-ish stomach.

Drinking with food is generally not a great plan, unless the food is very dry, as you can over-fill your stomach which makes acid reflux more likely and can make it harder to digest food.

I’ve found fasting between a late lunch and breakfast reduces my tinnitus (which is a proxy for all my other symptoms I used to have).

Interesting GERD has come up a lot on this forum. I wonder if this is just a co-incidence …

I raised this debate here. (Trust Level 2 required for access gained from prolonged positive contribution to the forum)

Also I made this observation

All of the migraine triggers are a mixed bag. Some are triggered strongly by the classical things like coffee, chocolate, and alcohol, and others aren’t so much. I know for me, I’m strongly affected by too much coffee but can generally eat chocolate and drink in moderation without too much issue and provided I’m not in the middle of a flair up.

I am also gluten-free and have been for the past year and a half and that’s something that has really helped my migraines. Not the most conventional trigger, but its different for everyone.

If you’re completely chronic all the time though, its best to just give everything up and phase things back in a controlled approach so you can actually identify them as triggers…