I know you shouldn’t really drink but has anyone got any advice or tips on drinking with MAV.

I want to have a couple of beers on special occasions.

Should i Skip my meds that day etc?

Hi Robert,
I have a drink after I play golf and still take my meds. It doesn’t have an effect on me, but I would check with your Dr first. Alcohol doesn’t seem to be a trigger for me unless I have more than 2 which I don’t anymore. I’ve learned the hard way. I usually get a headache for 3 days straight if I step over my bounderies… :roll:


I can’t give up alcohol. (DISCLAIMER: I am not an alcoholic! :slight_smile: )

Here are a couple of things I’ve posted about alcohol before:

"You had me at …“my life style is as crazy as a 28yr old who loves to drink and party all night long”… I am 29, and the same. I just chose to do it all a little less nowadays, and only when I’m going through a good patch, because I get the sickest hangovers that last literally 2 or 3 days, so I generally save the big nights out for a special occassion or something really worth it, and just have less to drink on a ‘normal’ night out… I get pissed way more quickly since being on the drugs anyway, so that’s a bonus?!

You can still have a social life with this, it just takes a little bit of adjustment to knowing your limits and knowing what will stretch you, what will take you over the edge, what you can get away with. Some people stay off alcohol completely, but I find it helps relax and to be honest, I’d go bloody mental without a few vinos every now and then.

If you do have a night out, make sure in the preceeding days and following days, you stick to the good nights regular sleep rule, I find that helps. Also make sure you eat properly. I know these 2 things don’t mix well with ‘a crazy lifestyle’ but if you do those 2 things the majority of the time, you’ll stand yourself in better stead for when you do de-rail a bit."

Having said that, I then asked Dr S why all my meds say “Don’t drink” and what the risks are…

“He asked me if I had any questions… I said, I know that all my pills say ‘Do not drink alcohol’ on them. What’s the risk in drinking alcohol?
He answered and told me I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant on its own, and the pills I’m on can act in the same way esp when combined with the alcohol… I guess it makes sense. He told me to ‘drink the non alcoholic stuff’ and ‘think about how great life will be when you’ve got over all of this’… I wasn’t expecting that answer and to be honest, have no idea how I will successfully curb the drink, but I’m going to try. Alcohol is my outlet! Though I seem to be getting drunk really easily lately so I guess I don’t need to be drinking all that much anyway.”

I have heard that actually, the risks could be that your heart rate increases a lot or you fall into a deep sleep - I guess and don’t wake up-. Advise COULD be to skip the dose that day and maybe the next… ?

But of course, I’m no doctor and I don’t want to encourage irresponsibility :smiley: but a couple of beers will surely, no doubt hurt. They might even make you feel better in terms of relaxing. Try it, if it really is two, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I aggree with miss moss - especially the last bit! :wink: x

Thanks for advice! I’m not going to let this thing take over my social life so I’m going to stick to having a few on special occasions x :smiley:

Never having been a huge drinker it wasn’t a big deal to let it go, but over the summer whilst watching the Olympics I was really jonesing for fish and chips and a Guinness. Was no worse for wear…and it was damn good.

Love this beachgal! Thank god for fish & chips! :slight_smile: thy are my saturday night treat!