I haven’t been officially diagnosed with mav but I think this is what I have. I have noticed since I started with the spinning vertigo which has calmed down to constant off balance, if I have any alcohol I am definitely more dizzy the next day. Is this typical of mav?

Yes alcohol is a known and potent migraine trigger!

alcohol pretty much instantly makes my symptoms worse- i avoid it like the plague!!!

Hi Zipster.

I find alcohol actually makes me feel better, the morning after can be quite painful though.

I think it calms down my hypersensitive mav brain, but this isnt a cure!

I don’t think I am any worse at the time but the morning after I am definitely more dizzy when I turn over and get up etc.
How do you cope feeling like this everyday because I feel hopeless and down. I can’t do anything I used to. Can and does it get better?

I stay away from alcohol most of the time but I sometimes have one drink on weekends.
And then I just blame the imbalance etc… on the alcohol. Like it’s not meeee, it’s the alcohol.
I know kinda sad and pathetic but it makes me feel a tiny bit normal then.