Does anyone on this forum have any first hand info as it regards the hormone aldosterone and its relationship to MAV or migraine in general, and further, the taking of aldosterone supplements to midigate symptoms. If Scott could comment on this as well I would very much appreciate it.

Are you referring to adrenal fatigue? I have a friend who had low cortisol and started on hydrocortisone and swore it was a miracle drug. Her vertigo went away on taking it and soon her migraines were right down as well.

I have had 4 tests over the years for cortisol throughout the day. The first ones showed high in the morning and very low the rest of the day, the last one showed low all through. Interestingly, when I had the crushing fatigue, after looking for someones cat, I did the test on that time and it was really low. An ACTH test at the hospital showed normal. They did a renin test along with the ACTH which showed below the range, they should have tested aldosterone and didnt. I would still like to get this test done. Trying to talk about this sort of thing with the neurologists is difficult.
I noticed, on the other thread that others have the nasty spinning vertigo after getting exhausted, I do too. But also the severe vertigo attacks, seem to come before or after a bad migraine or in a continous migraine phase.