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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Just wondering if anyone has or has experienced chronic “Alice in wonderland” syndrome symptoms. This has been a big issue for me and my chronic dizziness. Anyone find relief over time?

This one comes up a lot as a topic, so please do a search within this site. Most of us end up on some sort of preventative. None work for everyone and you don’t know until you try them which might work best for you. It takes a while sometimes (months, years) to find the right mix. However once you do, a lot of the crazy visual stuff calms down.


I’ve heard a lot of people on here mentioning ‘lines curving’ and ‘colours appearing brighter’ which according to this article seems closely linked but, in my time on here, I don’t recall another case of AIW Syndrome though there are plenty of archive mentions a surprisingly large amount I thought considering it is apparently one of the much less common symptoms we suffer.


Yes I’ve done some searching but was looking more for recent findings as well, it does seem rare. Thanks for the info!

If you count everything but the size issues, I think you’ll find the rest of that list is very common here. I have all the items on the list (from your article) except for the size distortion.

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Whow! While here’s hoping I don’t have that left to come. I’ve never really looked at AIW syndrome before Now but from this article it looks much like the far end of the visual spectrum so I guess most of the other symptoms are pretty common.

Yes, I have this 24/7. Everything just feels off. I feel a few inches behind my eyes. Everything is in slow motion. It’s just all off and looks wrong. That’s my main symptom, it sucks


Yes, I can relate 100% to that description.