Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


Does anyone have any links to any research on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?

I’ve just found out through this thread Surroundings becoming weird and fast/intense/loud - Neurology - MedHelp that the episodes I’m having at least once a fortnight, where sounds are amplified and I hear my thoughts screaming at me, is AIWS and is made worse by Topamax.

I knew I suffered it a little bit when I sometimes randomly feel half a metre tall, but didn’t know this hearing thing could be AIWS too. I chalked it down to a hallucination aura or Topamax side effect.

Anyways, thanks.


This is a really good article published in the guardian. … ationships

This guy suffered and still does since he was 21. He’s now 31. He talks about seeing stuff in HD (remember someone mentioning that before).

He also talks about feeling like he’s walking on sponges (very similar to myself).

I think migraine and AIWS is so closely linked its hard to know where the AIWS ends and the VM begins. I think the vestibular symptoms are only a small part of our overall symptoms, or certainly are in my case.

I hate the feeling like my legs and arms are not connected to me, ive had that since I was 18. I also hate feeling like my legs are really close to my face and sometimes a lot further away… its so weird!


I am a little bit speechless.

The binocular vision he describes is EXACTLY what I have. I can make out every tiny little bit of detail.

I am now very worried that this Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is going to advance itself and continue and pop up with more symptoms. So far I’ve got the HD vision, the shrinking to a dwarf and this amplified sounds/inner thoughts screaming episodes.

I read that there is no cure- but rest helps.

And that it’s very close to migraines. Presumably you treat the migraine, you treat the AIWS. Or you unfortunately find a med that makes it worse like in my case.

ARGH. I hate this frigging thing.