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Allay headache safe lamp

I’m loving this next to my bed!


I have this too now and concur. It is helpful. Especially next to my computer on long work days.

It helps during the day?

Just tried to buy one, but they don’t ship to Australia :frowning:

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I use it by my bed in the evening when I’m chilling before bed, listening to audible… it’s kind on the strained eyes. I don’t know that it’s actually therapeutic.

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It can if its the primary light source in the room.

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A little write up appeared in the Daily Mail 20th October 2020.

‘Researchers from the University of Arizona … Found that after ten weeks of one to two hours of daily exposure to green light (using special LED strips) patients reported significantly fewer migraines with the number of headache days per month dropping by 60% reports the journal Cephalalgia’

‘One theory is that green light increases the production of natural pain-relieving chemicall in the brain’

Not sure? Would this be similar, even the same thing or maybe just a case of convergent evolution. No suggestion of any UK interest in production.

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