Allergies (Hay fever etc.)

Have any of you allergies? I was told years ago I had rhinitus and given flixonase at the ENT. Used it on and off. This last year I have had stuffy nose, dried up nose, occasional sneezing mornings, red rimmed eyes. The dr. said she thinks its hay fever but I have the same in the Winter. More recently, I used flixonase again and had a headache come on within 5 minutes, this happened twice, so I stopped. The dr. has given me anti histamine tablets now, clarityn, has anybody had experience with these? What do you take for your allergies? I know I have always responded well to small amounts of anti histamine in the past.

Has anyone used air purifiers or humidifiers?


Maybe a small sign of hope: I grew up with multiple respiratory allergies, took antihistamines, decongestants, had desensitization shots . . . and by age 61 or a bit earlier had outgrown them.

The only thing I can tolerate to help with my hay fever symptoms, which have been pretty bad this year, is Benadryl allergy oral syrup with Cetirizine. It’s ostensibly for children but does have an adult dosage listed.

I have to say though I’m never sure whether the symptoms, much as you describe Christine, are really hay fever or simply part of the migraine spectrum.


I have allergies and have started allergy shots. Since the dizziness started for me, I’ve had fluid in my ears which could be making things worse. I have had bad congestion in the past with sinus infections and allergies going back to childhood. I’m on four different allergy meds, so it’s gotten bad enough that I’m just chasing meds to control things.

I had allergy testing about 8 years ago and had them repeated this spring but more intesively. And I discovered that I am allergic to a lot of things–several kinds of trees, grasses, weeds, dust, dust mites, cats (we have three) and they are seasonal but every season, so year-round. Since I’ve had them for so long and my reactions are so severe the allergist suggested shots.

I’m hopeful that it will help eliminate the fluid build up in my ears which will alleviate some of my ear symptoms I have with MAV. Currently my right ear is my problem ear, and I have always had the most fluid and pressure on that side. That is the side that buzzes and feels the most off and causes me problems.

Has your doctor suggested allergy testing? If you do have allergies, I think it’s worthwhile to test for it and treat, which may help reduce migraine symptoms. I do think my allergy issues make my migraine problems far worse with the inflammation I have from allergies.

I’ve always felt that when my allergies are bad, my dizziness is worse. And I’m one of those poor unfortunate ones who has allergies year around… I can never catch a break!! I definitely agree with the post above about getting allergy testing. If it’s things like dust mites, etc. than using protective bed covering is a great option for you. The testing can help you get rid of some of the allergens in your life

I have found that using a neti pot greatly staves off a lot of my allergies/clears out my sinuses. Claritin has never worked for me, but I know others who swear by it. I guess it all depends on your body chemistry. I take zyrtec and nasonex, these along with the neti pot stave off most of the allergies

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I’m currently taking periactin for MAV, and apparently it’s used for hayfever too. Periactin is an antihistamine.
It’s pretty potent, and if I were you, I’d dump the clariton and jump onto periactin in hopes to knock out the MAV and the hayfever.


David, its nice to know some things will actually improve as we get older :slight_smile:

Brenda, no, this isnt migraine, its a dried up stuffy nose and sneezing etc. Is it the cherry Benedryl, I like cherry :smiley:

Anne, I have endolymphatic hydrops (fluid) I take Serc which helps a bit, but it comes and goes. My left ear is the worse one, but the tinnitus (whistling kettle) is in the other ear. I had a few allergy pin prick tests on the arm years ago, showed up nothing. Had substances stuck on my skin, showed up high nickel allergy and a bit to cobalt. It was a long time ago, maybe I should try again. Could well be dust. My husband has just sawed through concrete slabs in the garden and covered the whole living room with a fine layer of white dust (bless him :roll: ) Took me all day to clean it.

Suki, read about the neti pot, sounds a good idea, I can clear my ears and nose with steam inhalations, and there are no chemicals.

Greg, I tried Periactin years ago but unfortunately it made me dizzy. I agree completely with finding something to treat both the allergies and MAV at the same time. Am going to pop half a promethazine tonight, hopefully that will give me some much needed sleep too, I suffer bad insomnia.


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Brenda, no, this isnt migraine, its a dried up stuffy nose and sneezing etc. Is it the cherry Benedryl, I like cherry

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Not sure if it’s cherry but it’s red and tastes good! I was actually diagnosed with perennial rhinitis by the ENT guy when having all the tests for MAV but it’s just that at times the symptoms of hay fever and MAV get all mixed up it seems, one affecting the other. I can get quite dizzy at times when the hay fever is bad - it all seems to go to my head, so to speak.