Allodynia skin tenderness

I’ve been experiencing skin tenderness for the past 4 years, not long after my VM became a constant daily affair. Some areas of my body feel tender to press down upon, rub or pinch lightly - outer upper arms, around the hips, outer and inner thighs, front of my legs from just below the knee down are the worst areas. It feels like having a bruise. Most of the time i don’t notice this tenderness unless i purposefully press or rub my skin, so it doesn’t bother me day to day. I do notice it when sitting at a dining table - the edge of the table pressing against my forearms feels a little tender. And i can’t kneel on anything not even a soft surface like a cushion or matress, because the pressure on my legs hurts too much. I don’t feel this on my face, scalp, feet or stomach though.

Does anyone else have this symptom? Or any other type of allodynia pain/sensitivity?

It seems to be only mild compared to what others experience. I am totally fine with light strokes, my clothes don’t bother me nor does water or combing my hair. I haven’t been given a diagnosis of allodynia but that’s what i think it must be. I don’t have the symptoms of fibromyalgia or any muscle pain or aches. Only tenderness to touch.

If you experience allodynia what does it feel like? Have you tried to treat it? Has it subsided with successful treatment of VM? Even when i was feeling better due to Flunarizine the allodynia was still present so i don’t know if it will be a constant occurence now.

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Yes I’ve experienced the same skin sometimes feel tender to the touch sort of like mild sunburn or light bruising sensation. It comes and goes for me and it predates my VM symptoms, possibly related I don’t know? I have mentioned to the doctor just to be met with blank looks but to be honest that goes for other symptoms I’ve mentioned…

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I get it quite a lot and even keeps me awake at night. Magnesium helps me. I had to stop it for a while and noticed the skin pain was back. No idea why but seems to help!

What type of magnesium do you take and what dose?

I take Magnesium Glycinate from Nutri advanced. It seems to work best for me with no tummy upsets! I take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening. They’re 100mg per tablet so 400mg per day. Hope that helps!

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