Almost a success story ... I hope I’m not jinxing myself

Today marks one year since my first post, gosh just the thought of the roller coaster I was on makes me cringe!

Here’s the link to my diary for a better idea of what it’s been like for me

I’ve been on venlafaxine since August and my life is almost back to normal, I’m constantly functioning at a 85-100% rate lately …I still have headaches from time but that Has never been my biggest concern, I can deal with those, what I couldn’t handle that well was the swaying, the depersonalization, the brain spins and the anxiety that came with all of it …I still experience those symptoms from time to tim but when I do it isn’t as strong and it doesn’t last as long, I’m able to bounce back pretty easy and quick.
I’ve gained a lot of weight but I found out during this quarantine that I’m actually able to do at home workouts again, I just need to prepare myself mentally for it because after so many months of being completely inactive I just don’t have the motivation yet.

The only thing that worries me and my neurologist a little is the upcoming raining season here in FL, after some symptom tracking with the help of the migraine buddy app I now know that barometric variations trigger me, the few raining days we had in the past 4 months were very rocking for me so our theory is that maybe that’s why my worst months were from May-August last year which happens to be raining/thunderstorm months for us …I’m kinda scared to see if the theory is true and soon I’ll know but I feel better prepared to tackle it this time. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I know I’ve said it a lot of times already but I’m gonna say it again: this forum has been An essential part of my success and recovery, I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have you guys to guide me and support me through those bad and dark days. I’ll forever be thankful and whenever a new maver reaches out to me on Instagram (where I try to be as open as possible about my journey so others know they aren’t alone) the first thing I do is to mention this site.

Hugs and love to all of you, this community is always in my prayers …love you


loved reading this. it’s given me hope, thank you. I’ve been prescribed venlafaxine so going to give it a try. how long did it take to help you feel better?

For me it was very quick. In less than 2 weeks I went from feeling like I was in a boat in the middle of the ocean during a storm to be able to go to sit down at the beach to watch the sunset without the strong wind triggering me even more, I’ll never forget that day.

But always remember that each person is different, I know how hard it is to get discouraged when you don’t feel immediate difference while others swear up and down it was super quick for them … best of luck to you :heart::heart::heart:

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Pleased to hear it. What dose did you eventually settle on?

Still at the 75mg of the extended release. Eventually I want to go down to 37.5mg to see how I adapt but my neuro and I agreed last time I saw him that there’s no need to rush just yet


Hii there! Venlafaxine is the same as Effexor ? Or its a different drug ?

Amazing, I’m happy for you! :heart:

Yes, that’s so true. Thank you. Hope I get some relief soon.

Hope you continue to feel better :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

Same. Venlafaxine is just the generic name

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