Am I a woos?

One little 25mg tablet of Topamax had me sitting inert for half a day. Shortness of breath, dry mouth and worst of all a dizziness that had me nearly passing out. I was hoping that this med would be THE ONE but I’m scared to try even half a tablet now. So all you experienced Topamax users, did you persevere with these horrid side effects for 3 long months? I’m not sure whether my tolerance for side effects has bottomed out or maybe I’m just a woos. Either way I have no idea what to do.

Nope, on day 3 at just 6 mg, I was hallucinating and imagining slitting my wrists and blood hitting the walls. I decided to stop taking it after that little episode. :lol:

Hi: I gave up on topamax after a few weeks. At first I started out at the 25 mg but was incredibly dizzy, anxious, angry and agressive. At the advice of some forum members who have good success with the topa I dropped the dose to 12.5 mg at night. Felt a little better, no longer angry etc, some tingling in my fingers and toes but when my hair starting falling out (this is listed as a rare side effect, it figures right) I gave it up. I am not vain but I refuse to be bald along with all my other symptoms. Search the forum and you will find many members who have had good results with topa. MAV sucks and you are no woos!. Take care,


I started off at 25mg of Topamax, first med I tried. The first night I was more dizzy. After that, I was sad a lot. I took it for 3 weeks and got off ot it.
Horrible 5 day withdrawl. Tried it again for 3 weeks, and tried to bump up to 37.5, horrible horrible dizziness, that lasted for 5 days after I tried it once.
I got off of it slowly this time, and all that did was drag that 5 days out to 11.

Looking back now, it made me really dizzy at night. I thought it was just me, my norm. When I close my eyes, it would be like seeing fireworks, weird visuals, now that Im off of it and have been for a month. No more of that.

Cut down to 12.5 and go slow, and see if it helpsGood luck.

Manny, I think your experience is worth a call to your doc who can help you decide. Have you tried a zillion other meds? If so, your doc may encourage you to try 12.5 mg. If this is only your second or third medication, your doc may feel that your side effects experience is indeed scary enough to steer clear of Topamax and go in a different direction. This is always a cost/benefit situation. If you have few options left and you want to get your life back, then it may turn out that your doc will want you to try starting at a lower dose. But this reaction is certainly worth reporting.

You are NOT a wuss. That’s some scary stuff that you experienced, this is a strong drug (I’m on it so I know), and you shouldn’t bear the burden of the decision re how to proceed by yourself. Let your doc help you decide.

Thanks heaps everyone. I emailed my doc and he said I could try 12.5mg, sometimes the side effects settle down. If not his next drug of choice is cinnarizine which is not readily available in Australia, only one pharmacy stocks it so it will be interesting to see how much it costs. Topamax cost $47.90 for 60 tablets.
However, I think I’ve decided not to keep trying the Topamax as I really don’t have the energy to deal with the side effects. Its hard enough dealing with MAV symptoms and getting through one day. Its just such a bummer that a lot of these drugs have dizziness as a side effect…the one thing I desperately want to stop.

I lasted 5 days on 25mg - was suicidal after about day 3 and felt like I was living in a washing machine. NOT fun :frowning:

What’s with the suicidal thing on Top-yourself-max?

I was totally freaked out for a solid day. It was like a freak show thriller running through my head with gore and me walking home just wishing a bus would take me out. Boy, do we all know how to have a good time or what? :lol:

You guys are freaking me out to the (Topa)max ! I want to try Topamax to lose my Prothiaden kilos.

Meanwhile, since last Friday I’ve relapsed (after a few weeks of getting a whole lot better) :frowning: Valium is maybe taking the edge off but it might be time to up the dose of Prothiaden.

Victoria, I was just reading your success story…sorry to hear you’re spinning again. :frowning: My only consolation will be pigging out on Portuguese chicken and custard tarts in Petersham on the way home…

I wouldn’t worry about Top-yourself-max Vic. You have the drug constitution of an ox. A glass of petrol would probably just make you a little sleepy while the rest of us would be getting our stomachs pumped and in the ER.

Manny, this is powerful stuff. I’m on 100 mg daily and while I didn’t have extreme side effects while starting, I was also on a therapeutic dose of an anti-depressant which could have helped keep some of those things at bay. I had increased dizziness at first, which was my worst side effect and it went away within 7 days or so. And I also did cut the tabs at times and increase in 12.5 mg jumps instead of 25 mgs, so take it slow as you need to.

Victoria, don’t fret, you may not experience any of those things. Not everyone does! I tolerated start-up very well other than increased dizziness, but it was manageable.

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I wouldn’t worry about Top-yourself-max Vic. You have the drug constitution of an ox. A glass of petrol would probably just make you a little sleepy while the rest of us would be getting our stomachs pumped and in the ER.

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