Am I the Only One?

I’m really hoping I’m not alone here. I was wondering: do any of you feel as though your vision (things in your vision) sway, rock, swoop, or tilt along with the vertigo, but in actuality—when you stop and pay close attention—it’s not?

This is relatively new for me, as I never used to experience this sensation. Like I said, though: when I stop and really focus on it, things in my vision are not moving with the vertigo, but at first glance, it “feels” (for lack of a better term) as though they are. It’s also difficult to not get visually confused because the vertigo often times makes me actually move: swaying forward and back, therefore literally effecting whatever I’m focusing on.

Thank you for any thoughts.

i think this what most of us here suffer from in various forms of severity. This is all part of what a vestibular disorder feels like unfortunately x

Thank you. I was just curious. I know I’ve read that a lot of people experience the vertigo, but that their vision isn’t effected by it, per-se.

I believe both a false sense of movement within your own body (feeling like you are moving when you are not) AND false sense of motion in your visual field count as vertigo - at least, that is what I understand from what I have been told. As Jem said, I believe many of us have experienced what you are describing - unfortunately, it’s par for the course with vestibular type disorders.

Yes - I get this too. The perception of things moving in my indirect field of vision is worse in low light. Quite commonly, I’ll focus on a single point on my PC screen at work and watch the monitor rotate clockwise! However, I think I can reduce the effect by simply not thinking about it or expecting it to happen. The same applies to my tinnitus, I can only hear it if I listen out for it.

Another favourite is to stare at a patterned carpet and watch it undulate before your very eyes!

On a more serious note, try not to think/worry about it too much and maybe the severity will reduce.

— Begin quote from “Sails”

Another favourite is to stare at a patterned carpet and watch it undulate before your very eyes!

— End quote

I have experienced this particular effect my entire life to some extent (always worse when tired, sometimes completely gone during the day), so there is a good chance it is unrelated to MAV. My guess is it is likely an optical (vestibular?) illusion brought on by neural fatigue, similar to the afterimages one can get by fixating on a brightly coloured object for some time (but obviously fatiguing a different neural pathway).

Just my $0.02. :smiley:

Thank you, everyone. I, too, think it’s possibly an illusion. I only say that because it seems to me that I can makes myself see things move in a certain way if I think about it. Not to mention that I’ve become hypersensitive, and I’m paying WAY more attention to things than I ever used to.