Amitriptyline appears to be working

So it seems the ami is finally starting to help the dizziness they have calmed down a lot these past couple of days! So feeling very happy about it at this point but have experinced some head numbness unsure if its down to the medication or not but I will take that over being horribly dizzy :smiley:

great news. what dose are you on?

Fantstic!! It’s great when a medication works. An added bonus when it gets posted and those that are still searching and suffering get to feel hopeful. While Ami didn’t work for me for dizziness,
it was helpful for mood and sleep/anxiety…and had relatively few side effects.
Thanks or sharing.
Lisa, I think she’s on 10mg from prior post. How are you doing on Nort?


Im only on 10 mg Lisa it took about 3 weeks to take effect though really. I saw a neurotologist and they prefer ami to nort so i went with that advice hows the nort working out?

Still feeling the same. thanks for asking. I’'m on 30mg nortriptyline, which is still a low dose. so, hopefully, I will see positive effects soon.

Yes lisa im on another board where they didnt see results until 100mg which i think is the highest dose for MAV.