amitriptyline dosage

Hi everybody

I have been taking amitriptyline since September. I have increased from 5mg every 2/3 weeks to now taking 80mg.

Unfortunately I don’t think taking this drug has done much in terms of improving my general Pppd / VM symtoms. To be more specific, I continue to have general lightheaded feeling, neck/behind ear pressure plus tightness in temple area of head.

If a drug hasn’t worked after nearly 6 months, I feel like i might need to accept it won’t work for me. The doctor said to increase to maximum of 100mg, which I can try, but it seems unlikely it will be worth it.

FYI - no noticeable side effects so far, just drowsiness after taking

Hi, nice work being patient with amitryptyline! I would tend to agree, if you aren’t noticing any improvement at 80mg for that long I would look at a new treatment option.


Thanks for the reply. Did you try this medication? What mg if so and did you notice any good or bad effects from it?