Amitriptyline issues

How did the second dose go? Did you take it earlier on the night? How do you feel now?

Which dose was your plateau Shazam? How long have you been on Effexor?

I took 10mg tonight earlier than normal so about to go off to bed. Will let you know how I wake up :grimacing:

I only made it to 37.5mg of Venlafaxine ER. I started to get irritable and remembered a similar response to another SSRI years ago. So thought I’d try and make the switch. Plus the.magnesium which gives me the runs is so helpful to me that I want the constipation properties of Amitriptyline. I took the Ami at 730pm last night, fell asleep at 1030pm, woke up at 6am. Not a particularly restful sleep but my crazy dreams are hilarious. I look forward to them! Last night I was the star of a south American telenovella from the 50s and got to drive around in a shiny convertible shaped like a sawn off tomato.

BTW I was bedridden for November and most of December, couldn’t even make it upstairs. Had to sleep on couch for 6 weeks. Don’t worry - you’ll get better. 90 per cent of patients find a workable solution within 6 months. So says my excellent well-known dizziness doc. FFO diet (Fresh Food Only) until you figure out your triggers.

shazam do you follow the diet?

Hahah Love it I’m so hoping this works for me too

Yes. I’m pretty hardcore at the moment because I think I’m very reactive. Every time I start to feel better and eat whatever I want, I go backward. Everything in tiny amounts. So now I’m back to: No sugar, no dairy, no gluten and of course none of the bad stuff: wine cheese pickles olives caffeine chocolate etc. I start dairy last week and it didn’t go well. Today I will try eggs again. I miss eggs!!!

gosh the diet really doesn’t give you much to enjoy :joy: I have everything except caffeine and I got better so im assuming I have no food triggers, I think mines definatly stress good and bad!

Hi Have just found your forum and incredibly grateful. I have seen a specialist in Migraines in Brisbane, Australia last this week and he has recommended Amitriptyline as a treatment. Whilst really reluctant due to the addictive qualities I have become really desperate after suffering severe nausea, losing 7 kg and only being able to attend work half the time over the last two months. I am taking 10 mg and not sure when or if to increase. I am very groggy during the day at present and am still getting an ever so slight headache and dull head. So apparently this seems to be normal. I am now off work for 2-4 weeks to try and sort this out. Please tell me I will feel normal soon so I can work.

It’s about quality of life. If the med improves it, it’s worth taking. Amitriptyline is one of the best for this condition, if you can deal with its fairly mild side effects, its a life changer (back towards the way you were before you got this rubbish)

The most common dose is 20mg, but the therapeutic optimum varies between people. I’m on 20mg at it works for me best at this dose. I would suggest you do a month on 10mg before upping it.

Update… I took 10mg last night I rang dr yesterday and asked if the 10mg tablets were easier as I was breaking the 25mg one somewhere between 6-12mg she said they were so left a script for me. Anyway I woke up in ten hit twice with my son so I’m tired anyway annoying kiddies :wink: I feel less on edge athough I’m still pretty emotional but I think that will take some time to get back to some sort of happy medium. Oh I also feel a bit dizzy today but like the tiredness I’m hoping will ease.

My dr said to try for a month on the 10mg and we will go from there and see if I can tolerate it and if it’s actually helping. I really think the support of the group has helped too so thanks everyone xx

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Thank you. I am hoping to get back to work but won’t rush it. Can’t function anyway being this groggy. I just want to go back to bed and it’s 10am. Do the triggers like computers, tv, phone etc subside?

Yes, those triggers were lessened for me on 10mg, elminated at 20mg.

yes, keep calm and positive, give 10mg a month.

On 2nd day of 10mg and was able to drive for miles! Ate off my diet and am mostly fine. How can it work so fast??? Maybe placebo but I don’t care! I am on a crazy cocktail of 4 low-dose meds and will stay on this until I am stable. Then will try to be on just amitriptyline, probably 20mg. Thank goodness for this forum and my excellent docs.

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Thank you for your update. It s good to hear everyone’s progress as it might help others too. Happy that your doctor is working together with you, that helps a lot! I hope you get thru those first couple of days and notice a positive change soon!

And yes this place has been very helpful for me as well!

Wow so you are on 37.5 mg effexor and on 10 mg Ami? That is an interesting combination. I have heard that Ami is better for sleep. I do not sleep at all on Effexor so maybe I should ask my GP to ad the Amitriptyline as well if things stay this way the next weeks.

So happy to hear you had such a good day!!!

Hey mum2two, how are you doing??

So I’ve been on Amitriptyline 10mg for a week and am feeling about the same as the 2nd day. It doesn’t feel like continuing improvement. How long does it normally take to feel full effects of dosage? How long before people generally go up to the next dosage?