Amitriptyline issues

Hey Agnes1984 sorry I meant to update just didn’t have a chance. I’m doing OK not great or good really just OK. Still wake up headachey and my emotions and anxiety are all over the place I feel like it’s taking a lot of strength mentally at the moment just to get by. In saying that it’s been rough with my son at the moment he isn’t sleeping great and he is having a hard time starting school so I’m really anxious about that too. I think I have a couple more weeks before I up the dose but I think I will have too. How is everyone doing?

Please don’t say sorry…we are all in this together so I know you are not always able to react immidiatly.

Sounds like you have quite a lot of things on your mind. How old is your son? Are you still taking that low dose? I think you are a brave woman!! Taking care of your son and fighting all those issues with yourself. I do not have any kids and I am having so much respect for the ones suffering with this and having to take care of a kid. Super woman and men all of you!

I am still not doing that great…hoping that the Effexor will work soon so that I am able to get out of my bed more and do some little things around the house. I’m 3.5 weeks in so who know where I am at next week!

Hi Agnes we all do the best we can I think anyone with this condition, it’s so very misunderstood by health professionals as well as regular people. I was on the effexor for 7 weeks and I’m now have a spot in my eye dr says might have happened anyway but I don’t know. I hope it starts to work for you I just had constant headaches. I am still on the 10mg of Ami and dr wants to stay on that for a few more weeks before going up. On another note I had my kids at 24 and 27 so I have 2 children a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 5. I feel like I have failed them often lately but I’m trying.

My little guy has dyspraxia a neurological speech disorder, some sensory issues and anxiety he is such a beautiful soul and quick as a whip but he is just having such a hard time at school with his sensory issues and anxiety mostly. Anyways that’s probably not really on topic (this happens when you ask about my kids) :joy: Just to put it out there I think we would be friends if we lived in the same country Agnes :blush:

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Wow I sure hope that spot in your eye will disappear again. So far I have no headaches from Effexor (knock on wood) but I also do not feel a lot of benefits either. But it’s just 2 weeks in the total dose so who knows.

Smart thing to do to stay on the 10 mg a little bit longer. Let your body get used to it and then see whenever it feels right to go up…if necessary. I hope you will feel better soon.

A daughter and a son how lovely! In Holland we call that a ‘kings couple’. I don’t see why you would fail on them sweety, you are doing the best you can in the condition you are now. Not all the lifelessons are playing around and having fun outside. Showing your weakness and your strength is such a powerfully lesson for them as well! My mom was always tired but that did not change a thing how I think of her and how our bond has been over the years. Ofcourse you want and deserve to be the happy fit mom we all know…but that’s just not the fact right now. And I know for sure you do the best you can! And…you will get better!!!

Sorry to hear about your son’s struggles, it’s probably heartbreaking to see such a little guy struggling thru daily things. Is he going to a special school? He is lucky to have you as a mom :heart:.

Yes how lovely would it be to live close by. Although I know that the cousins I am the closest with live in Canada and the distance only makes the bond stronger so who knows ;-). One day I will go to Australia if I am lucky enough to heal…and I will drop by and pay you a visit ;-).

Hi again, so my vertigo hasn’t come back full on yet so I guess the Ami must be working for that, still a bit lightheaded but nothing terrible. I am still waking quite tired and have a dry mouth but my biggest problem is emotionally I just feel fragile and cry all the time. I can’t seem to think real straight but I think that could be because I’m so anxious and I feel like my family are paying the price. I’m not sure what to do from where do I wait another couple of weeks like originally discussed and then up my dose? Or do I forget about trying different medications go back on Lexapro and topamax and not think about having another child. Fact is I feel like I can’t do anything right now I’m so depressed and anxious.

Thanks Agnes for your kind words in Australia we call having a girl and boy a “pigeon pair” not sure why lol. I wish I was what they need right now but I feel my anxiety is definately not helping my sons. He is not in a special school he in fact gets no help at school because he is cognitively ok and he doesn’t behave poorly. Definately up for a visit if you ever make it to Aus!

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Also do most of you take Ami just for the migraine side of it or also for depression and anxiety? I used to take 20mg of Lexapro but I realise that’s a completely different drug but I could cope with life on 10mg of Ami I feel like I’m taking nothing I’m so edgy and sad. Thanks everyone appreciate you all :blush:

The Ami does have a big positive effect on you psychologically if it’s effective at controlling most of your symptoms. So my advice would be to wait until you are up to your optimal dose (this varies but for me seems to be 20mg) before considering another drug on top.

I was offered Celexa (an SSRI) on top but declined and decided to deal with any residual anxiety and depression ‘myself’.

I think it’s personal choice. I try to take the absolute minimum of drugs that are effective at controlling the most debilitating symptoms so that if I ever properly improve its easier to give them up. This also minimises side effects (you get used to them but should still take them seriously)

Your mileage may vary.

Thanks turnitaround, I have always tried to be on the lowest dose possible too so I completely get that. Is it too early for it to be working? My dr wanted me to wait 3-4 weeks and then look at going up in dose so I think it’s been about 10 days at the 10mg and a few more at about 6mg. I’m not sure if it’s been long enough if it was going to help and I should try to up my dosage to stabilise my mood a bit or wait the 3-4 weeks as suggested? Dr is of course on holidays until next week but my family are saying just add another half a tablet 5mg…I guess they’re just worried :weary:

Mum2two I can understand why you want to hurry the increase in the hope that a higher dose will make you feel better sooner but in my experience taking it very slowly is the best course of action because side effects of taking too much can knock you for six and cancel out any benefit you have felt already. You are doing an amazing job with your delicate beautiful son (I understand that too as I had a daughter with autism who found life very hard. She is superbly coping now and married.) I think you should play it safe for now as you are doing so well and wait to increase the dose once your body has adjusted to the amitriptyline.

I admire your courage and commitment to your family, they are very lucky to have such a caring mum. You will all find your feet so to speak, your son doesn’t need super mum, just your love which he knows he has already. Sorry if I am being sloppy!

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The advice I had was to increase by 10mg each month. You could achieve that with 5mg a fortnight I suppose.

Amitriptyline has an effective dose ‘window’. If you are below it you won’t necessarily realise all its benefit. You can’t be far off.

No drug is a silver bullet so expect some break through symptoms and bad days. But generally you should feel a massive improvement which should really support you in meeting your family responsibilities.

Keep on trucking! (Couldn’t resist mazzy’s phrase!)

Thanks Revolving, I appreciate your advice and compassion. I will hang out a bit longer it’s so hard when you don’t have much support around you to keep going. I’m very lucky to be a stay at home Mum with a small home business I realise many don’t get this but it’s still tough financially and mentally!

Thank you for your kind words about my son I am trying to support him the best I know but I do wish I could be stronger for him. Xx

It is always a little frustrating because each of our systems react differently. You are definitely on the right road now. I have found success for my major symptom (full blown vertigo leading to nausea, etc.)) with Nortriptyline, a similar drug. When I first began with my otoneurologist, he had me start the strict diet for migraine, stop all rebound medication like Advil and begin Nortrip. I took 25mgs. for 3 weeks, then 50mgs for 3 weeks, then 25 mgs for 3 weeks, then 10 mgs. for 3 and then stopped. For me, it does not really begin to show a difference for 5 or 6 days. It needs to build up before it really kicks in. I then went 14 months before I had a relapse which was part my fault and part related to the heat of summer, a trigger I cannot avoid unfortunately. But at this point I was already on the diet so I spent a little less time on the medication. I then went 10 months without medication before vertigo returned. Now if I need the medication, just 10 mgs does the trick. It never gets rid of all the ear fullness, but it does stop the vertigo and resultant issues. I take it at 7:00 pm so I do not have fatigue in the morning. I find that Allegra (an antihistamine) helps the ear fullness for some reason but if I took that with Nortriptyline I probably would sleep 15 hours. I can take Mucinex and that helps ear fullness and does not cause drowsiness. Remember - caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, aged cheese and/or dairy, and MSG can be major triggers for people. Best to avoid right now as they may also affect your emotions. Later you may be able to try a little and view the effects. I also have learned that I need protein at every meal or I really am listless and irritable. Your son is in school now and the professionals there will help. They either provide service at the school or they will give you good referrals for covered services that he needs. This just takes patience on your part because it takes time. And lucky you - you can work at home. Find your smile - you have a lot going for you right now. You are a caring and diligent mom and you are doing all that you can for your MAV. Resolving MAV is a process of trial and error. The right solutions for you will evolve. Adult life is just never carefree. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck. (

I’m on 10mg Ami, 37.5 Effexor, .25 klonopin and . 5 trazadone. So many!!! But I’m finally feeling better so am afraid to go off anything. They are all very low doses and called “a cocktail.”

I sleep 9 hours a night and my fit bit tells me my sleep efficiency is btwn 97-99 percent! I wake up feeling great. I am always a little “off” but can drive long distances and almost feel “normal.”

I am also on Valtrex, an antiviral. I don’t know what is working but I’m afraid to drop anything! Started on the supplement Migralief which I can finally tolerate.

Thinking clearly again though not.terribly articulate.

That is the least of my worries.

90 percent of people work It out within 6 months. I’m on month 6 in April so hopefully, I’ll be a classic case. And I believe you all will too! Even sooner than 6 months.

Fingers (and knees and toes) crossed,


Gosh yes that is quite a cocktail but excellent news nonetheless! Well done! Fingers crossed as you say!

Good to hear from you mum2two! And I am happy to read that your vertigo seems to reduce on the ami. Well done on pushing thru!!! Hopefully you will continue to feel better and be able to up your dose without to many nasty side effects.

And I am sure that your love is all what your kids need!

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Shazam, I might try the combo effexor and Ami too if effexor isn’t working as well as I am hoping. The sleeping effect on Ami sounds really good as my sleep is nowhere to find since starting effexor (4.5 weeks now).
Hope you keep improving!

And how do you know about the 90 percent thing?? That does give me so much hope!

I think the combo is not usual and not recommended. Most people try one then stop that then try another. I am hoping to get off Effexor soon. I think Ami is best for me. And more people do well on Ami I think.

My doctor told me the 90 percent stat. He’s well-known and sees a lot of dizzy patients. I think the people who don’t do well end up online looking for help so it may sound more dire than it is for most people.

My two cents! Time to get away from.the screen :slight_smile:


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Thanks Agnes, I had a bad headache today and some dizziness not what I would call vertigo though as I could still function and when I get he vertigo attacks I can’t do anything at all. It’s better tonight though so that’s good. Will hang out a bit longer and see if in a week or so I need to go up in dosage. I too had terrible trouble sleeping with the effexor but I was exhausted I felt terrible. On the Ami I’m still a bit groggy during the day m, if I sit and do something quite like read or something I fall asleep hoping that but wears off. I hope you find something that works for you. Xx

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Arghh that’s so many things to not eat! I’m already on a low fodmap diet but I do need to cut out some more of the naughty things suggested thanks spinninggirl1. I haven’t heard of many of the drugs you are talking about but I’m glad you’ve found a good combination :blush:

Thanks turnitaround, I understand nothing will ‘fix me’ as such but I’ve been very edgy so I think I will probably have to increase a little, I do want to stay as low as I can though too. So I’m sticking with it until I go back to see the dr I was feeling a bitof pressure to ‘get better’ and I understand why as it affects the family as well as me when I’m feeling really low and such. I will “keep on trucking” thanks again this group has been paramount for keeping me relatively sane :wink: