Amitriptyline made my ears go mental last night

Ive upped the amitrip and last night was so freaky my ear drums kept vibrating never had that before its like that feeling you get when you yawn and have a cold.
Obviously I dont know if its the drugs or just my ears but I could not sleep because it was doing it over and over again :?

Its also making me trip out with freaky dreams but not anything I cant handle I seem to be improving though

Blondie, how much are you on? I do have a few weird dreams with nori. Strange ami keeps you awake - though it was meant to knock you out?!

I am on 60mg of Nortriptyline and I have been having dreams as well… Weird… The med does make me tired. I have slept well while taking the meds.

It used to make me sleep i now have insomnia on it!

Hi Donna

What dose are you at?

I know someone who said 5mg of nortriptyline gave her tinnitus so it is possible it could be the med. I had loads of dreams for the first few weeks of nori. I think some of them do that x

Jem Im on 20mg I am upping the dose to 30mg friday X

Good luck hope it helps. I want to up my nori to 30mg as my neck is hurting again today. Dr Silver said to stay at 20mg though x

But how will you know if its worked/working without titrating the dose ? X

I don’t know, I think he wants me to use the beta blocker as the main med and I will be titrating that one up but just keep the nori at 20mg for my neck pain. However I want to increase the nori too because I read the lowest therapeutic dose is usually 30mg so I want to get to at least that really. I guess I could anyway and just tell my GP that I need 30mg per day. Are you adding anything else to the ami? x

Hi Donna , jem,

Maybe it’s the hormones after having having your baby? Just a thought? We know how much baby’s change every part of our body! I mean maybe that’s why you are reacting differently?


Hi Anna

How are you? are you still on 50mg of nori? x

I lasted 3 weeks on Ami - never got past 10 mg. The first couple of nights it helped me sleep, but after that it gave me insomnia. That’s largely why I had to give it up. Couldn’t function during the day because I couldn’t sleep at night. And it didn’t matter what time of day I took the Ami. Not that I was surprised. It seems like a lot of meds can go either way (sleepiness and sleeplessness) and I always end up with the insomnia. Ugh. (I’m on Effexor right now and that gave me insomnia at first, but now it’s making me sleepy, so I’m going to try taking it tonight - instead of this morning - and see what happens. Crossing my fingers… :wink: ) Anyhow, as for the ear thing, I think it says that tremors or muscle spasms or something like that is a potential side effect. Could be that’s what your ears were doing - spasms of a sort…

Hey jem :slight_smile:

Yes still at 50mg nori - doing ok but still having real problems with lights , still sends me into in a rocking , spinning wreck! How’s you jem? X

hi Anna

Glad you are improving - gosh that’s bad about the lights though. Do you mean fluo lights indoors or bright sunlight?

You probably read my post about the vertigo spinning at the weekend. I have been really down since then. Just the whole sadness about missing most of my sister’s wedding and then it making me feel so bad afterwards. I am still at 20mg of nori as dr silver said stay at that amount and still waiting for his letter so I can get the new meds he suggested. To be honest though I am feeling very low and have been crying lots. I never thought I would go back to the dark days of the first year of having this x


Yes I did honey - this condition really sucks doesn’t it & we look fine on the outside too… I know what you mean about missing important events, rubbish. I’m so sorry your are down , tbh I think the higher dose of nori is keeping my mood happier. You will get better, we all will but it’s going to take time. In the meantime we are all here for each other xx

Im improving at 20mg of Ami no longer hideously dizzy in the head and the dizzy jolts have stopped still having postional vertigo looking down or up and still way off balance it freaks me out. Im going up to 30mg tomorrow if that doesnt kick it Im adding pitzotifen X Jem have you read this … dache.html

My friend who had this pretty bad got in touch last night she is on gabentin and pitzo and is better she had a huge relapse where she couldnt go out etc I was so happy for her pitzo seems to work

Hi Donna

Yes I did come across that article somewhere thank you. I am glad the ami is starting to help. Are you gonna go straight from 20-30mg - if I did that I would probably have bad side effects. I guess you might tolerate it well? I hope it helps you more and more. Good to know about your friend, pizo is definitely a drug to bear in mind for me if the ones I am due to try don’t work.


Hope you keep improving on the nori!

Jemma x

Doing 25 tonight will do 30 tomorrow no bad effects as yet x

Donna, that’s really great :slight_smile: your getting there , the meds are doing their thing. I’ve heard a lot of people end up taking two different combinations - I’m going to discuss this with dr s when I see him next, I feel as though I need something ‘stronger’ to get rid of the hideous quick spins. X