Amitriptyline side effects?

Hi everyone, I have read on this website that many people have got better from dizziness by taking amytriptile, I have been in setraline for two years and I have changed my medication for lexapro, I asked my dr to prescribe me amytriptilkne but he said that should be Te last option because of the side effects. I feel quite disappointed and I can’t see any difference with lexapro, any suggestions?

Side effects. Pah!

It’s a little bunny of a drug taken at much much lower doses than when it was prescribed for depression. (That said it’s not for everyone)

Worst thing is the drowsiness. Take it at night though and it can help you sleep.

Dry mouth should go away after a few months.

Slight constipation was the only side effect I found that lingered. Oh. And you might get some weight gain. Keep active and eat healthy!!

Note it doesn’t cure dizziness it’s just reducing the sensation. Only your brain can fix that by compensation. (Along with the underlying condition resolving)

Amitriptyline a Dr. Hain favourite after propranolol.

(UPDATE: 2020, I believe Venlafaxine is now Dr. Hain’s go to dizziness drug)

I personally haven’t found the Amitriptyline to be too bad. Start low and go slow. Dry mouth at first but that went away for me. I gained a little bit of weight but I think that it increased my appetite for carbs. I gained maybe 5-7 lbs. running and watching a bit more what I ate mitigated that. Lastly it does knock me out about 2 hours after I take it but I still wake up if I need to and am fine in the mornings. Just my experience.