Amitriptyline stopped heart rate still high

Hello i stopped taking amitriptyline 20mg about 6 days ago but my resting heart rate is still sitting at 100. Is that normal? My usual rest heart rate used to be 75-80

Hi when I stopped Amitriptyline my heart rate stayed just above 100bpm no idea if stopping the drug was responsible…

How long have you been off @Matty73 ?

About six months now I was on 50mg a day but to be honest it made me feel like crap on a daily basis the palpertations lasted about a month then calmed down.

The palpertations stopped for me after 2 days of stopping amitriptyline. My 1st nuero is saying that my high heart rate is no way related to amitriptyline now that I’m off 6 days… I’m stumped!

@Matty73 it took a good 3-4 weeks but my heart rate is back to 70-75bpm. I guess it did take some time for Amitriptyline to cycle out of my system. My Neuro who originally prescribed me said it was impossible for that to happen but I don’t think there was anything else that would contribute to my higher resting heart rate.

Yes it took me about that time 3-4 weeks for mine to lower to 60-70bpm.

Amitriptyline apparently is contraindicated in patients with some heart arithmyias I have a stage 1 heart block so maybe thete is some link?

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