Amitriptyline v. nortriptyline

Has anyone gotten better and/or faster results on one versus the other? Theoretically, nortriptyline should be better; it has a longer half-life, fewer side effects, and is the active metabolite (amitriptyline is metabolized to nortriptyline, the useful form). However, I was browsing this forum and can’t remember which post it was in or who reported it, I read of someone who got better results on ami. Anyone? I’ve tried both in the past w/o benefit, but as my drug of choice just bottomed out on me, I’m giving one of these another go. Thanks.

I’m having improvements off the Ami but it is stonger than the Nori and works better my neuro said but they all say different. I have a bottle of nortriptyline in my cupboard to try if the Ami doesn’t work out but at the moment it’s doing ok.

I think either one is prob a good 1st medication to try for MAV.

Good luck

I believe the Ami is more sedating, so if anxiety and/or insomnia an issue, I think it’s best to start with that one.
Good luck!

Thanks to both of you for responding. I’m starting with amitriptyline, my first drug back in 1999 when this condition literally spiraled out of control. Blondie, it’s interesting that your neuro says ami is stronger than nort, since nort is the metabolite and IIRC has the higher bioavailability.

I have the 25mg robin egg blue round caps, since I never realized gelatin = MSG until I came onto this board. (For years, I was taking so many preventives (and vitamins and supplements) encased in gelatin! AGH!) Anyone know if I can cut these in half for 12.5mg to start? Like many other MAV sufferers, I’m exquisitely pharmaceutically-sensitive. Thanks!