Amitriptyline & vision?

Hi Everyone,
I have been taking Amitriptyline for about a month. Two weeks at 10mg, two weeks at 20mg. Just started with 25mg once at bed time. I have noticed that I now have spots in my vision. An example, I look at a calendar on my phone on my phone which has a light background and in the bottom of my vision are dark spots When I move my eyes down to look at the spots they dissappear. I have had floaters in my vision for years but this is different. Does anyone experience this & is it the med??
Help please,

it cud b the med or it cud b your migraine acting up with more pronounced symptoms. u will only kniw for sure if u get off the ami completely n see wat happens. so u might have weigh the odds n choose. good luck

I developed visual snow from taking clomipramine, another trycyclic. I told my psychiatrist who prescribed it, and she sent me to an opthamologist. He told me it was a side effect of the drug and that it wasn’t harming my eyes at all. As soon as I went off the drug, the snow disappeared. I would check with your dr. just to be safe though.

I didn’t get this but i did get visual disturbances - my eyes would blur a bit and i got oscillopsia…!

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your replies I really appreciate it.
WTC did you get the oscillopsia from the ami or did you already have it?
Do you think nortriptyline would be a better choice? Has anyone had these vision issues with that one? Or can you recommend a med that would be better on the eyes?

Brookie x