Amitriptyline VS Nortriptyline

Hi all. Wondering if anyone here has tried both Ami and Nort? I’m on Ami and I’ve had moderate success re my symptoms but I’m not tolerating the side effects. One option is to switch to Nort to see if it has similar efficacy but with less side effects. Anyone here taken both and able to share their experience re efficacy and side effects? Thanks!

I could not sleep on Nortriptyline. Became a zombie after week 2. Switched to Ami which makes you sleep like a baby. I have gained weight on Ami. Nortriptyline actually gave me more dry mouth.

That’s interesting. Thanks. I’ve offered wondered what the trade off is myself.

I’ve tried both. Amitriptyline was too sedating for me. Loved that I slept well at night on it but I couldn’t stay awake during the day. It made me really dizzy as well. I had the opposite effect with Nortriptyline. I wasn’t as dizzy on it but couldn’t sleep at night. Tried taking it earlier in the day but it made me pretty dopey. Also had really bad blurred vision and dry mouth on it. Didn’t last long on either one due to side effects. It could be worth giving it a try though. My doctor says Nortriptyline tends to be better tolerated. I was on Doxepin (another tricyclic) for a while and I tolerated that one much better than either Ami or Nort. Unfortunately it stopped working.

I started on Ami and it made me so tired that I struggled to function during the day. I also found that I was very teary whilst on it, but in it’s defense, that was in the early stages of this illness, so I was in a really bad place and feeling very anxious about my symptoms.

I then went onto Nort and have found it tolerable. I am now up to 60mg a day and I get most of the side effects including dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, blurred vision and vivid dreams. I also had shaky hands, but this side effect subsided after a while.

I am getting to the point where I need to change my meds and the next one for me is propranolol. I did try tapering the nort down, but I had some bad side effects. I am just going to have to bite the bullet I think as whilst I feel that the nort does help with the headaches, it does not stop the dizziness or the eye pain and visual issues that I have.

All the best to you. I know of many people who have had success on both of these, so they are certainly worth a try :slight_smile:

Hello all.

I’ve been trying to go up on nortriptyline but find it makes my stomach pure acid. Has anyone else has reflux trouble on ami or nortriptyline?.

Hey there. Need some advice on meds. So I am currently on Sertraline 75mgs and 300mgs of gabapentin (been on this drug for a week) so my question is still feeling really spaced out and detached, feel like my brain is a sleep and I’m floating through life. I get the head and ear pressure and painful migrane probably ever few weeks when I over exert myself. I know that trycilic’s are a popular choice for this condition. Not sure which one to try thou ami or nort? Which has least side effects and proves more positive with these set of symptoms?

I have also seen a lot of good outcomes on venafalaxine but heard it’s hard to come off so a little scared.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Nori should have less side effects. Helen

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