Amitriptyline withdrawal

Has anyone experienced withdrawal symptoms coming off Amitriptyline after being on it for a long time? I have been on a low dose (20mg) for chronic pain and with the agreement of my doctor decided to come off it. I dropped down to 10mg then a week later stopped altogether. I have been off it now for 5 weeks and haven’t slept properly since. I am waking early in the morning (2 hours before the alarm clock) and failing to get back to sleep. I’m having really vivid dreams too. The first 2-3 weeks I had severe migraine headaches with extreme sound sensitivity but the disrupted sleep is continuing. I’m stuck in that mental zone of not wanting to start it again because I don’t want to experience this withdrawal again and don’t want to be taking a drug for the sole reason I cannot get off it. But then I am so desperate to sleep you start to think you had a better quality of life on it. I am not looking for an answer to this quandry just to know if this is withdrawal. I’ve been on the Ami for 3 years.

I don’t have any experience of withdrawal but I would have thought having been on it for 3 years it would be best to have come of it much more slowly, e.g. 15mg for a month, 10mg for a month, 5mg for a month etc.
I seem to be very sensitive to meds and have started them very gradually, so at the point I can hopefully come off them I intend to do it at least as slowly as I started them.

Hi is this kath from dizzies ???
I haven’t contacted you on Facebook as the girls said you were having a break from it x hope you don’t mind me contacting you on here x how’s the withdrawal going now ? Has it got any better for you ? I had my appointment with dr silver he has diagnosed me with hemi crania continua a one sided headache ! He has told me to start on 100 mg of gabapentin to help with sleep first every night . And then I have to have a diagnostic trail of indometacin to see if it is def hemi crania continua . If the indometacin does not switch it off he’s second opinion is chronic migraine . I have only taken the gabapentin for the last 2 nights but I am feeling so drowsy on it ! Did dr silver prescribe you anything like gabapentin. ? If so how did your body react to it ? I hoping it will pass . Take care xx

Hi Emma, yes it’s me Kath. Feel free to send me a PM and we can chat more. I take 1800mg gabapentin a day. It was prescribed for nerve pain originally but helps my mav more. When I first started (started at 300mg) it I felt drugged in the morning but did sleep well. The drugged feeling did wear off once my body adjusted and doesn’t cause that issue now at all.
As for the amitriptyline withdrawal, think the insomnia might be part related to me stopping my magnesium supplement so back on it and will see how that helps. Never heard of the condition you are being treated for so sorry I can’t help there. Message me.

Kath x

Thanks kath xx I know the diagnosis has scared me as never heard of it but he is adamant it is that . Once I am sleeping better I am going to have a diagnostic trail of indometacin as he says if it is hemi crania continua then this will hopefully switch it off ! It can cause all the same symptoms as chronic migraine tge dizziness etc . I think I’ve said it to you before but my dizziness is more one sided and my face feels different on the left and my eye Sort of droops too . He shine a light in my eye which really uncomfortable and whilst he did it my eye watered really bad and my eye went puffy on my left side! I am putting my trust in him but if it spiders not turn out to be that he is going to try the preventatives. X hope your insomnia stops soon . Hope to see you on Facebook soon too I miss you xx ps thanks for info on gabapentin I have felt drugged up today !

Dr Silver knows everything there is to know about headache and migraine so you are in good hands. Interesting that dizziness is part of that disorder. So much for all the vrt eh! I just wish I’d seen him sooner. If you don’t get on with gabapentin then do email him as he may have another med suggestion for sleep.