Been put on ami again by neurotologist . I have to say its given me a great nights sleep and woke up feeling less dizzy i think but very groggy , it wears off after an hour or so.
Has anyone else tried ami? how did you get on?
The sleepiness is kinda like when I was a teenager and didnt want to get up in the morning ( i dont mind it tbh lol)

Hi Blondie,

I have had a go on this drug. It did make me sleepy in the day but gradually my body adjusted. In fact it went the other way and I couldn’t sleep with it. If that happens take it during the day. But the tiredness should sort itself out. Hope it works for you.

fiona did it help any symptoms?

I have been on 100mg of amitriptyline for about 5 months now and have felt the BEST I have in over a year! I’m by no means cured, and I still experience daily dizziness, however, this med has allowed me to work and do daily household things. I was tiered at first. My body quickly adjusted. Im super tiered about 1 and 1/2 hrs. after taking it, but I still can’t sleep through the night… My doctor thinks it’s depressions. I said, “WOuldn’t you be depressed if all your activities were limited and you were living with 24/7 symptoms?”
Sometimes I think not even the docs can relate!
Best of luck to you!

I was on it for two months at 20mg. I
didn’t find it helped me with mav but it
did help with mood and sleep. Made my
dizziness worse, my blood pressure dropped
really low (it’s low to start with) and I felt
stupider… Lol…more stupid. Would find
myself standing in a room forgetting what
I was in there for. Also, my brain seemed
a little slower. I read that ami depletes
acetocholine in our brains, so I recommend
taking lecithin as a supplement. You can
google it for more info.

I’ve been on 10 to 30 mg for months. First I got put on it for neuralgia now they think I have silent migraines or simple partail seizures. Im undergoing tests to try to figure it out. The only thing I have noticed since being on it is I sleep better. My neurologist says the neurontin and amitriptyline work well togeter. Sorry I dont have spell check on my computer and the brain fog is killin me today.