Hi guys, I have finally been prescribed my amitryptaline and I plan to start taking it tomorrow! Can anyone advise me on the best time to take this? I usually go to bed about 10ish and get up at 6.30. My other question is if I am going out for the evening would I just take the ami when I get in? I’ve only been prescribed 10mg, should I expect to see many side effects? I hope not!! Thanks in advance!

You’ll be fine.

6:30am is early, I’d take it 12 hours before, so 6:30pm. Don’t drive afterwards.

Initially you will be really drowsy but that fades with time.

Dry mouth is an issue, that also fades with time.

You may get vivid dreams to begin with.

The longest lasting side effect is mild constipation, just make sure you eat lots of fibre.

Best of luck with it! It worked wonders for me!

Thanks turnitaround. I have one final question… I do enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. Most places state that you must not drink alcohol whilst taking this med. Do you have knowledge around this? My dose is only 10mg. Thanks :blush:

No issues having the odd tipple at all. Just don’t go overboard. MAV might give you even more nausea during a hangover so go easy. :slight_smile:

Ok great thanks. I’m feeling real nervous about starting ami. It’s been sat on my kitchen side all weekend staring at me :slightly_frowning_face: If I take it at 6.30pm, how long until I will perhaps begin to feel drowsy?

Gosh I can’t remember but I would advise you don’t plan on any must do activities after you take it. It’s nothing to worry about but sleep may seem very attractive after you do! :slight_smile: