Amlodipine vs. Verapamil

Hi. I’ve been dealing with this for two years. Just diagnosed yesterday with MAV at Mass. Eye Ear. I have imbalance, dysequilibrium and occassional headaches. Always get a headache before my period. Big problem in large stores, on the computer, after a car ride, church, sitting on a soft surface, walking of uneven surface, etc. etc. etc. Have been following the strict diet from Heal Your Headache. Mass Eye Ear doc wants to start me on the calcium channel blocker amlodipine (norvasc). I read so much more about the verapamil. Anyone know of any studies comparing the two? I looked on Pubmed but didn’t find anything. Anyone tried amlodipine? Thanks.

I, too, have had this for 2 years. I hope the medication helps you. I only know about Verapamil. I reached the highest dose and have no improvements. However, many do. Everyone is different. Just wondering who you saw at Mass eye and ear. Last year, I saw a Dr. Priesol there who seemed good. However, I ended up finding a doctor in Manhattan closer to my home. However, he mismanaged my meds. I then saw Dr. Buchholtz who doesn’t prescribe meds. He just writes a report and wants a PCP to follow his tx recommendations. I am going back to Dr. Priesol in May. He suggested Nortriptyline, which I tried before without success; however, I did not give it a fair trial. I have exactly all your symptoms. It is maddening. I wish you lots of luck.

I saw Dr. Richard Lewis at MEEI. He works with the vestibular lab. You can look him up at the MEEI (Mass Eye Ear Infirmary). My brother-in-law, a cardiologist, is friendly with a local ENT who recommended I see Dr. Rauch at MEEI. The ENT said, “If I had dizziness the one Dr. I would see if Dr. Rauch”. The first available appt. was in June so I must wait until then to see Dr. steven Rauch. You can look up his bio on the MEEI website, as well. I’ll let you know how I make out after my appt.

I’m reluctant to start the amlodipine (norvasc). I don’t like the idea of decreased BP and lightheadedness and dizziness with standing. I have to give it some more thought and develop some courage, too, before I start it.

I’m also following the same restricted diet. My most difficult foods to give up are: balsamic vinegar, and cheese. How I love goat cheese, parmesian cheese…

Good luck to you with your search for a cure. It is a very difficult symptom to live with. I go through periods where all I do is look for answers but then I get frustrated and often will take some time off from it all.