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Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria

I was reading an article about people who have stopped washing with soap

which started to discuss Ammonia oxidising bacteria and the role it plays in maintaining a healthy skin biome. The company, AOBiome that owns the main cosemetic brand of AOB products has been moving into other produsts and trialed a nasal spray for blood pressure with great success and noted that the volunteers all said they had experienced no headaches on the trial and so the company are now trialling a spray looking at migraine occurence

Thought this is an interesting line to take, modern living causing symptoms etc.

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Probably can’t get in on the clinical trial. Do you think if we stick the skin cream up our noses we can reduce migraine? Or maybe just try the nasal spray. The studies are all just the one bacterial strain so it’s probably a lot of the same thing in different delivery mechanisms.

This one’s super interesting. Thanks @sputnik2!