Amyl nitrite?

I was prescribed the stuff a few years ago, to use before challenging exercise. (Early-stage lung disease.) Used it a few times.

Haven’t needed it or tried it since the MAV prescription. I’m now taking an advance swim class that leaves me blowing hard, having to wait from one bit to the next.

Any reason to be concerned about amyl having a bad effect on migrainers?

'm particularly tempted but also particularly concerned, because I don’t want to miss this evening’s or Wednesday’s class, but I’ve been having a bad couple of days–was eating some grapes that, as I discovered, spitting them out, had gone moldy. Feh! I think that was the prob. Or maybe the apple-cranberry pie I baked (and have been scarfing) used apples that were not fresh enough.

Follow-up report

No noticeable problem from it.

Midway through last night’s swim class, I stopped and took a whiff. Don’t know how much it helped me breathe, but it certainly didn’t cloud my head or make me dizzy or queasy.