An addition to my last question!

Why are we as vestibular migraine sufferers not supposed to eat avacados (my favourite food), or nuts, or cheese or pineapple? I can understand mould and yeast but they are not found in all of the above are they?

Migraine threshold. If you are on meds you may have raised your threshold enough to eat and drink whatever you like. I would avoid alcohol and lots of caffeine though.

I’ve just had pizza today, no issues.

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How long before the nort worked for you? Celexa isn’t doing much for me and I’m thinking of switching.

Actually I’m on Amitriptyline which is very similar to Nori(triptyline). It worked within 4 days @10mg but I increased to 20mg to maximise symptom control.

But now I know it’s subject to confirmation bias: I’ve not had a migraine in the 6 months I’ve been on it BUT it didn’t stop the vertigo attack I had this weekend (the only major one in six months). However, had I not been on it I know the attack would have been much worse and caused me to have really uncomfortable eye symptoms.

This leads me to believe migraine is not the central issue, but that you get migraines from what’s going on in the ear.

User Scottl is on Nori. Check his posts too and of course he can probably answer your questions.

Ahhh, thanks. I am lucky enough not to get bad headaches but the dizziness stinks. That’s what I’m looking most to being rid of.

It all stinks. The nausea is the one of the worst symptoms. Amitriptyline is really good at controlling that. Bit of a miracle drug really.

I don’t avoid nuts and avocados entirely as they’re not on my doctor’s list, but I don’t eat a lot of them. I can give you a more detailed list of foods he says to avoid, it’s not as restricting as some diets, just the biggies. The main thing is tyramine that we’re avoiding. I’m not sure entirely what it does, but the idea is just to give our brains a break from too much stimulation.

I’ve had great results from nort, diet and the main thing - reducing stress levels. I started improving after a couple of months. It’s not everyone’s answer but it has worked for me.