An Exploration Of 'The Migraine Brain'

Hi All,

Some of you may have heard this before but I thought it was a really good interview with Dr Carolyn Bernstein who knows a lot about the “migraine brain” and wanted to make it easily available on our forum. She recently authored a book titled “The Migraine Brain”. No mention of dizziness in this interview but I’m sure she would know all about it if asked. The interview is approximately 20 minutes. The original story appears on NPR.

The recording:

I’ll leave it up as a sticky for a few days.

Scott 8)

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“The Migraine Brain”
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Thanks Scottie.
It will definitely help people understand what happens during a migraine.
Regardless of whether its pain or vertigo related it’s still the same mechanism.
Also, it’s good to hear it from the horses mouth that women with migraine aura should be careful about using hormone related meds, pill ect…


Jen 8)