Another flight and another punch

Hi Guys,

Well, I’m definitely seeing a clear and consistent result of what happens when I get into airplanes now. Although I can’t be 100% certain it’s the plane or the sleep disruption or both. This morning I flew from Winnipeg to Toronto – just two hours – but I also had to be up at 4:15 AM to catch a 6:30 flight. I had 4 hours of sleep and by the time I arrived at my Mom’s place again I was really tired. Tried to get some sleep and knocked off 3 hours only to wake with a moderately bad MAV attack. Woke with tons of dizziness and dysequilibrium that went on for about 90 minutes and was soon followed by tons of pain everywhere, lethargy, and flu-like garbage. Not horrendous but enough to suck the sole out of me and kick off another heavy session of IBS that is singing away right now. Whoever said that migraine and IBS aren’t connected (Hain?) has NO idea.


I also find there is a relationship between MAV/migraine and gut problems. I’m not sure which is the cause or which is the effect or if in fact it can be either, but there is definitely a strong correlation for me.

Thats what I get Scott, it seems to happen even shopping. As the exhaustion sets in (usually with achy neck and legs), the sweating and dizziness ramps up.

I was worried it was ears last time as the last holiday ended up with a massive vertigo attack on day 6 of the holiday, but then I think that was too late after the flight, then I had several big ones for 6 months after I got back, really weird. I even wonder if it was the 70 mozzie bites I acquired producing histamine or something, they only really went away after 6 months.


Hey Scott,
Sorry you are having another rough go. I think in the book the Migraine Brain by Carol Bernstein she distinctly points out that there is a strong correlation between migraine and IBS. I really hope this passes easier than the first round. Do you have your valium on hand?

Thanks for your kind words on the other post. I actually have been going downhill since your MAV ramped up when you hit your Mom’s house. I am feeling pretty desperate myself these days.

Hang in buddy. We’ll get through this cause we have no choice…


so sorry to hear that, Scott. let us know how you are doing tomorrow.

Thanks guys for the messages.

Here’s the thing now. I don’t know if I’m MAVing really hard again in a different way or if I actually do have a viral infection. I’ve got tons of aches and pains and lethargy going on. Everything is a major effort. But I also have more of a dizzy disorientated head and feel anxious if I think about having to socialise and make an effort. It’s weird. It could be that I do have some sort of virus that is also jacking up the MAV. Or this is entirely MAV given the recent running around in the States over the weekend. I had something sinilar last year. The only diffeerence is a nauseated upset stomach off and on for a couple of days and I NEVER get that with MAV. So who the hell knows … I just wish it would not undermine my last few days here before the dreaded 22 hour flight home. I feel like reserving a room in IC at the hospital where I can recover for a week on my return. I’d rather stare at a wall for 3 days then be thrown back into work! :shock:

Lisa – sure hope that cold goes soon and you return to baseline. Even though baseline isn’t great it sure is better to be dealing with the devil you know with this junk. I hate when it throws an unknown curve ball.


Scott - so hard to say. I feel flu-like everyday from this illness, but sometimes I feel even more flu-like, and I always think I am coming down with something. It is always the MAV, but it sure does feel like a virus. It’s amazing how ill this illness makes us feel. I would bet it’s the MAV, but I guess you’ll see how you’re doing tomorrow. I know when I am ill I always start with a sore throat, so that’s always a tip off that I’m really sick.

Hey Lisa,

I know what you mean. This illness has dished up viral-type symptoms numerous times before. The only thing that makes me think it may be something else is the nausea. That’s a new deal and something I have had many times before from gastro bugs that cause aches, pains and lethargy. I hope it’s a bug because it should clear up soon otherwise I could be getting on a plane Saturday morning already feeling lousy. Anyway, I’m not worrying about any of this. The thing about MAV is whenever I expect the worse, it can suddenly all vanish.

Any idea what you’ll do about the Zoloft?


Scott - how come when I expect the worst (all the time) my sxs never vanish? :slight_smile:

I am still thinking about the zoloft. But, then I read articles that they can make migraines (headaches) worse and I continue to read mixed things about the safety in pregnancy. Have a good feeling I might keep on putting it off and before I know it I won’t be pregnant anymore. But, the other day I was close to taking it. I am still deliberating. Thanks for asking.

It’s WWII again over here … and I’m OUT of valium. Bugger. There’s Ativan but I don’t like this stuff. No choice though; I’m cutting it off in 1/4 chunks. Gonna take your advice Lisa and go with it although it seems to cause rebound anxiety. I will never go on another trip without a serious bottle full of valium ever again.

Spent another full day in a car checking out old family places with my Dad and Uncle. Thought my head was going to explode all day but it was fun anyway seeing everything. Did I mention how much I hate MAV? I figure I’ll throw myself into a deep meditative trance on the plane to get over it. No movies or ipod for me. :frowning:


Scott, that is bummer about the Valium. I hope the Ativan at least takes the edge off so you can navigate you way back home! It is so good that you have been able to still spend time with your family even though you have had it rough. I really do commend you for toughing this dreaded disease out to try to go on with your life as best you can. Safe travels back home and I hope the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Ben

Hey Scott,

Man, that really sucks that you’ve run out of Valium. I get anxious not having any around, Just In Case I need it, so not having any when you really DO need it bites. I don’t suppose there’s any chance you can see a dr in Canada to get a script or any family members/friends who might have some lying around?

I know exactly how crap it is to be in this situation when overseas. Last year in Cyprus I got struck so badly with MAV I had to delay my flight home by a week (couldn’t go any longer than that as no available seats) and was bed bound and feeling horrendous and unmedicated. And my travel insurance had expired. The trip home was not pleasant. I also had the aches and pains and the nine hour layover in Dubai almost had me screaming (for mercy). And it’s a schitt airport - hot, slow, glaring lights, millions of people etc. Misery.

If you can’t get Valium I reckon take as much of that Ativan as you can handle. I find 3 aspirin also sometimes helps a little, at least for aches and pains.

As for the nausea, hmmm, I guess it could be a bug or it could be MAV. Who knows? MAV throws up so many new and crazy symptoms all the time. You know my theory on this - if it’s weird and otherwise unexplained, it’s probably MAV.

Anyway, I really hope you get a sudden vanishing of symptoms SOON and that your trip home is not too bad.

Hang in there,

Hey Scott,
Sorry to hear about all that you’ve been going through on your trip. Wish there was a way you could get an emergency script filled in CA for some Vallium to get you home to OZ a little easier. Sounds like you may have picked up a bug or just all the travel is finally catching up with you and hitting you hard. Try to hang in there and zone out on the flight home. You can make it. We’re pulling for ya!

As for me, I think I am fighting off a cold or something myself; have had some woozy/dizzy moments on and off this week with headaches, much more tired, and just feeling not well. As for my other non-fun adventures, see the “The future of migraine (wordy)” thread! :!:

Hang in there and hope to talk with you soon, Bonnie

Hi ,
Don’t know if it is any help but when I was stuck in LA unable to even pack my case to come home to Europe , was so dizzy , exhausted, drained, achy. I had had an emergency neurologist appointment when I was there as I thought I was dying…after all the scans ,he told me to take 2 Sudafed, then another 2 ,2 hours later and I felt ALL the symptons fade away.It was like a miracle.I kept taking them every 4 hours and my “cure” lasted for 4 days , enough to get me home-
Then the MAV came back and the sudafed started to upset my stomach but at least I was home.
Don’t know if this is any help.


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Jesus christ monsieur Scott…

Sorry to hear world war 2 has kicked off…but I hope ze Germans are being kept at bay at least a bit.

As always you know what the score is ~ once you get your regime back home all should normalise. At least you have worked out that valium can save your ass ~ maybe I should try this but never seen it as a permanent solution.

Are you going to resume med trials in Sydney?

Keep well and safe journney.